Hand pipes and hemp flower

Commercial weed has always been controversial, especially before the 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law. Lawmakers and ordinary citizens were concerned about the dangers that weed products might bring to society. But eventually, a consensus was reached as the cannabinoid and tetrahydrocannabinol help treat certain medical conditions when appropriately used.

Since hemp and cannabis-derived products were made legal, the market has grown exponentially, with billions of net worth at present. It has contributed to the overall economy as more companies manufacture and sell weed items and devices and equipment used to consume the substance. One of them is a hemp pipe that is a revival of what ancient people used a long time ago.

Pipes in history

There's a story that Ancient Egyptians had their pipes dating back to 2000 B.C. Long story short, hemp pipes are not a new invention. They've been there for centuries already, but these devices have been raised to life anew like song revivals. In other words, hemp pipes are another option you'll have when you're looking for ways to consume hemp or cannabis products.

How do hemp pipes differ from other devices in consuming hemp and weed? You can get the answers in this article. We will cover the types of pipes for hemp, how they are used, the pros and cons, and other important things to guide you as a consumer. Being a well-informed buyer always pays - remember that! 

What is a hemp pipe

A hemp pipe is a device to pack a CBD and THC product to smoke the substance. It offers an alternative among weed users who prefer consuming more smoke and less ash. This device has three parts: the bowl where you put the cannabis flower and then heat it, the carb hole where you clear the pipe with residual smoke, and the mouthpiece where you put your mouth and inhale the smoke. 

How to Pack a Hemp Pipe 

Packing a hemp pipe is self-explanatory. But for the benefit of beginners, doing this task may require a short overview. Ground cannabis is usually the best option to smoke hemp through the device. It allows a consistent burn and airflow, which means that you'll enjoy the most consistent hits.

Once you have the raw material, you need to grind the hemp in a grinder and then break the flower into tiny bits. Afterwards, you have to fill the pipe bowl with some amount of ground herb. If you use a large bowl, you may have to grind more weed and fill the bowl accordingly. You may also consider finished hemp products that are ready to load in your hemp pipe. 

How to Smoke Hemp through a Pipe

Suppose you have already packed the hemp pipe. The next step is igniting the bowl of weed using a lighter while inhaling the smoke from the mouthpiece. If there's a carb, make sure that you cover the carb hole using your finger or thumb while inhaling some amount of your puff. After that, you should release your finger and allow the air to flow through the carb hole while inhaling the next bout of smoke.

Starting with lower doses from each bowl is advised for new weed enthusiasts. It'sIt's because inhaling too much CBD and THC for the first time might result in losing your control. Once the substance is heated and the smoke flows, you must wait several minutes between inhalations. Weed products vary in potency, but going slow is ideal until you determine the dosage that you can manage. 

Popular Types of Pipes for Hemp

There are various types of marijuana pipes to smoke weed. Choosing one might be a little challenging if you don't know which type is suited to your preferences. But it may be a lot easier than finding a weed product from many options. For your benefit, understand carefully each hemp pipe's features that are discussed below. You can make intelligent choices when you know what to look for. 

Bubbler Pipe 

This pipe is usually made of glass and used to hold water with a bowl and a mouthpiece on the opposite ends of the water reservoir. The bowl has a stem that holds the exterior bowl and penetrates the water in the bottom water storage. It also includes larger rigs, bongs, and smaller handheld bubbler glass pipes. When you shop for this product in the market, there are a wide variety of selections. Each has unique styles, designs, and sizes, but they all share the same design principles. They are also used for flowers, and other hemp concentrates like hash. 

Stealth Pipe 

If you are looking for the most incredible hemp pipe in the market today, this one might be the best choice. Stealth pipes are built to function in stealth mode or have the ability to conceal their real purpose. As such, many weed consumers would often have this device over other options - it's everywhere. They can come in the form of spark plugs, figurines, lighters, bracelets, etc. Meaning to say you can avoid being noticed for smoking weed if you use this device. Sounds interesting? Yeah, but you have to dig a little deeper to know how this option can work best for you. 

Foldable Pipe 

Some weed users prefer the flexibility to other qualities when looking for hemp or cannabis pipes. These people are usually those who buy foldable pipes designed with a convertible feature. It can be set into a usable pipe in seconds and then returned to its original configuration without any complex process. Another advantage that this cannabis pipe offers is its lightweight and the variety of materials it's made of. You can choose from unlimited designs, colours, and sizes for foldable pipes. 

Spoon Pipe 

Looking for a pipe that has a unique design? This one probably matches your preference. It is generally shaped like a spoon and built using a glass with a classy design and colours. A spoon pipe is a popular choice among weed users in the U.S. and Canada. You can buy it in various colours, designs, and sizes. While they are made of glass, spoon pipes are not easily broken. They can last for a long time when they are used and maintained with great care. Another perk of this option is it's easier to clean the glass - you can rinse it and set it out to dry. 

Chillum Pipe 

Among all other hemp pipes, chillum might appeal to you most if you want a pipe that's made of clay, bamboo, and other similar materials. This product is usually cylindrical and has been around for centuries. But it's not outdated because even up to this day, chillum pipe is still part of the culture in many places. In the western world, you can find many variations of this pipe with unique colours, designs, sizes, and materials. You can even spot chillum pipes that are now made of glass, metal, and stone. The options for this product range from simple to most elaborate pipes that you can see in the market. 

Sherlock-Style Pipe 

Want a classic style of hemp pipe? Look no more because this one has the quality you're searching for. The sherlock-style pipe is the variation that you have probably seen in movies depicting the lifestyle of elite people in the old days. It is famous for its "U" shape from mouthpiece to bowl. Although this product is generally used for tobacco, it has grown popular among weed consumers. You may also have this one if you want to feel like you are in the days gone by. But this time, it's a different kind of experience as it takes a contemporary design and style. 

Glass Blunt Pipe 

Simplicity and class define this type of hemp pipe. It is made from a glass cylinder open on one end and has a mouthpiece attached to a small auger system. This hemp pipe can be easily carried in your pocket, taken out, fired up, and consumes weed real quick. You need to twist the mouthpiece as you smoke hemp, and the rest is common sense. You'llYou'll surely love this choice if you want to smoke weed in the morning and go throughout the day without any hassles. Many users would even bring this product during small parties and get-togethers. 

Steamroller Pipe 

Not so classy in design, but this can be a great choice if you want something simple and an ordinary-looking marijuana pipe. This product is usually long and glass cylinders with a bowl on top and both ends of the device open. A steamroller may fit into the box for users who would typically load more weed flowers because of its sizable blunt size. Another distinguishing feature of this pipe is a smaller handheld dry bong that produces massive hits and ripes. 

One-Hitter Pipe 

Portability is essential for many weed users. Something like that can be placed inside a pocket without hassles whatsoever. This is offered by a one-hitter pipe that can easily be carried in your pocket and used anywhere for quick hits. You need to take a hit, exhale, place the device back to its place, and continue with your day. It'sIt's usually a cylindrical tube made from various materials, like glass, metal, stone, clay, or bamboo, where hemp substance can be placed in one end and used as a cigarette. A one-hitter pipe can hold enough material for one puff or hit. 

Pen Pipe

The pen pipe is another classy and trendy hemp pipe that you can buy from various weed outlets. This product is famous for its shape and being handy. It can be closely compared with one-hitter pipes in terms of portability. Using this pipe can save you time and give you the benefit of concealing your weed sessions anywhere. In other words, a pen pipe is so discreet that you don't have to worry about bothering other people while using it. Along with this advantage, it also offers the best smoking weed experience. No wonder why it's on-demand for weed-lovers today. 

What are Pipes for Hemp Made of? 

Centuries have passed, but many pipes today are still made of the same materials used before. Hemp pipes are traditionally made of wood, stone, clay, and other organic materials. In the modern era, such pipes still exist, except that different types are now made of glass and metal. They have improved significantly, especially in terms of flexibility and durability. The present generation of weed pipes, like our Screened Bat Glass Chillum, allows users to control the raw materials and enjoy the excellent features and benefits that they bring. 

How to Clean a Hemp Pipe

As a weed consumer, you can save some money by regularly cleaning the pipe you use to maintain its good condition. You can do this task after every use, especially if you're sharing the device with friends, in which case more bacteria might be present on the mouthpiece. It would be best to soak it in isopropyl alcohol and acetone to clean the machine. If there's some resin stuck inside, adding a few amounts of salt and shaking the pipe to agitate the residue may help remove the leftover remnants and bacteria. 

How to Store a Hemp Pipe

Just as cleaning the pipe is essential, storing it properly. Hemp pipes made of glass and crystals have a greater chance of breaking when not stored in a secure place. It is advised to store these pipes in an area with a protective case, especially against possible impact shocks or bumps. Other pipes made of aluminum and silicon may be placed in their storage pouches once appropriately cooled and cleaned. You may also consider having a smell-proof container that stays airtight to avoid the odours of fresh and freshly-burned weed smokes.

Pros and Cons of Hemp Pipes 

A weed pipe can be one of your best options when it comes to smoking hemp-derived products. It'sIt's easy to use and allows you to control how much smoke you want to inhale or the kind of euphoric feeling you want to experience. But before buying one in the market today, you should necessarily have to weigh the pros and cons of this product, as enumerated below. 


  • A hemp pipe is portable and offers a good weed consumption experience
  • A hemp pipe is cheap and easy to use 
  • A hemp pipe is easy to clean, simply by removing the ashes and residue
  • A hemp pipe doesn't get hot to the touch, preventing any possible burn
  • A hemp pipe comes in various designs, styles, and sizes


  • Hemp pipe may not offer the flexibility of use on all occasions
  • Hemp pipes may have to be appropriately used, especially in restricted places 
  • Some hemp pipes can easily break if not handled with proper care
  • Hemp pipes may be somewhat expensive than other devices
  • Hemp pipes do not guarantee 100% best experience in smoking weed

Why Choose a Hemp Pipe? 

A hemp pipe is the easiest of all the options out there. Besides, it also allows you to save money and have personal control over your weed session. As you have read in the preceding paragraphs, other perks come with using the product.

To find out if a hemp pipe is suitable for you, you may have to do some research on your own and choose the type best suited to your needs as an individual hemp user. If you love smoking from a bong or bubbler, then, by all means, go ahead and enjoy the smoke all day and night.

Choosing the Best Pipe in the Market 

There are now hundreds to thousands of new brands and designs of hemp pipes in the market. This means that choosing the best one for you can be somewhat overwhelming. You should necessarily have some standards by which you can judge your choices. You need to consider the following essential things while looking for a hemp pipe that has all you need to enjoy smoking weed. 

Quality Says it All

Since different manufacturers created hemp pipes and are made of other materials, they also have different qualities. Some products may be nice-looking and classy, but are they easy to use, and can they last long? You should always check the quality of the product based on standard metrics. 

Cost Matters

As much as possible, some weed consumers want to save money. That'sThat's fine. But is it possible among your given choices? You might have to explore more options in the market if the price of products available seems unreasonable. No worries, you can always compare prices for hemp pipes. 

Size is Important

Ease of use has something to do with the size of the hemp pipe. If you want something portable and discreet, then the smaller ones are great. For example, you can buy one-hitters and pen pipes as they are generally handy compared with other options. But different varieties are suitable to try, too. 

Features are Crucial 

Some hemp pipes come with unique features. You may have to explore your choices to spot one that has all the qualities you need. Sometimes it's just a matter of doing enough research that makes a huge difference. After all, you can browse online stores to check your options and read about each product.

Where to Buy Quality Pipes for Hemp 

You have hundreds of choices for online stores where you can buy the best quality hemp pipes. But it can be a hard decision to make, especially if you are not familiar with the trusted names in the industry. Just in case you want a reliable store to provide your cannabis and hemp needs, plus unique hemp pipes, Apotheca.org is the right store for you.

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