Reward Points

Your Loyalty Program Benefits

Great news! Each time you shop with us, you automatically get rewarded!

It’s really simple, for every $100 you spend you get $5 Apotheca reward-bucks. You can spend credits right away or stack them towards a larger purchase.

Apotheca Rewards Terms & Conditions

What your Loyalty Points are worth:

Points can be redeemed as a payment toward any purchase in the store



How do I participate in the Loyalty Program ?

You are part of the Loyalty Program from the moment you create an account with us, you will begin to earn points with every purchase you make on our store


How do I spend Loyalty Program Points ?

Your Loyalty Points can be redeemed toward orders at any time. Your Loyalty Points will be available as an option to include at checkout. You can choose how many points you want to use with each order.


Do my Points expire ?

No they do not. Cheers!