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Apotheca dispensary was created in 2019, as a trustworthy source of reliable and sustainable cannabis, kratom and microdosing magic mushroom products. We consider each location a community connection, of which we are part.

We are strong advocates of personal choice and honest self care options. So, we educate ourselves, and all staff serving customers, with honest and accurate information. We want Apotheca customers to make informed decisions.

In an industry full of uncertainty, Apotheca dispensary offers transparency and the best dispensary shopping experience at more than 30 locations in three states. There are many more storefronts in the works and a website at apotheca.org always being updated with geat products and honest information.


When it comes to sharing our message, Apotheca’s position has been carefully considered. Our corporate voice is an important part of who we are and ‘trust’ is the word that matters most to our mission. 

In an evolving business space and constantly changing legal issues, Apotheca delivers a safe, reliable and comfortable experience, especially for first time dispensary customers. The stock of products we carry is tested and trusted, reputable and transparent, sustainable and responsible. 

Our brand is all about trust. Our customers know they can trust each store to deliver a comfortable shopping experience. Both newcomers and experienced self-care enthusiasts know they can trust us to delivery premium cannabis, kratom and mushroom products. 


Every product we carry and every brand on our shelves can be trusted, including our own. Everything is tested by independent 3rd party labs for reliable and trustworthy results. And, all Apotheca-branded products also have Certificates of Analysis too.

So, all products we carry come from reputable, reliable companies. Sustainable practices are important so quality never wavers. The biggest problem we continually face is keeping enough product on the shelves, because Apotheca is such a reliable brand.

Not to worry! Apotheca is also a reliable source of FREE SHIPPING* for the best online edibles, flower, concentrates and other products. We offer a full spectrum of reliable products to accompany our dispensary goods too

Apotheca Dispensary for BEST THC ONLINE, FREE SHIPPING!*Best

Being the best is an Apotheca mission. In every way, we want to exceed your expectations. From seed to shelf, we hand-select the best quality products made by trustworthy vendors. 

But, being the best has many levels. Yes, you can trust our products to be the best. But, when it comes to the best dispensary shopping experience, you can also trust Apotheca.

We’re, ‘the good one!’ Your wellness is our business™

Apotheca dispensary offers the best

  • Cannabis
  • Kratom
  • Mushrooms

To promote the best products, Apotheca hires great people and empowers them to succeed as self-care wellness advocates. The best product knowledge is a must to make informed decisions and our people know the best, most reliable information!


Our potent products are proven to be important parts of communities around the world, for so many reasons! That’s why, at Apotheca, there’s a lot to know!

The easiest thing to learn about Apotheca is that our products are the same potency as legal-state cannabis, but at a cheaper price. How? 

West-coast and east-coast hemp-derived cannabis grows are literally the same plant, cannabis sativa. The plant’s genetics are manipulated through professional breeding, creating authentic strains that are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill.


In addition to premium THCa flower, Apotheca has the best edibles from legal cannabis like like CBD and THC gummies, chocolates, delta-9 seltzers, taffy, caramels, pot brownies, cookies and more!

There’s also microdosing psychedelic mushrooms and kratom supplements like concentrated shots, powders and easy-to-dose capsules. 

Our premium THCa cannabis flower delivers potent effects with great strains like Blue Dream, Orange Dreamsicle, G44 and beyond! So when it comes to the best cannabis, kratom and mushroom products, Apotheca advises you to buckle up.

Last but not least, there is also concentrates. Apotheca has premium THCa and delta 8 concentrates for dabbing, including wax and Diamonds! 

Looking for a great way to partake? Check out our handy accessories too! We only carry the best to go with the best dispensary goods money can buy!