Stay Energized through Winter with these CBD Products

Thanksgiving has passed, Christmas is looming, and autumn is giving way to winter. If you haven’t noticed a change in the weather where you’re living, you’ve surely noticed a change in the amount of sunlight you’re getting each day.

Shorter days and longer nights can pose challenges to both physical and mental health, but there are CBD products that can help you to overcome those challenges when used in conjunction with other best practices like diet and exercise.

Reduced serotonin levels during the winter months can be a trigger for seasonal depression. This in turn can leave you feeling run-down and robbed of energy. In fact, those feelings may follow you through wintertime even if you don’t experience any other symptoms. It’s just harder to maintain the energy you need to keep up with a busy lifestyle when your workday both starts and ends in darkness.

If you’ve been dealing with that issue for a number of years, then you might have come up with some of your own techniques to compensate for it. And since you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance that your lifestyle is already health-conscious and nature-oriented. That’s a good starting point. But if physical fitness, a balanced diet, and plenty of hydration haven’t been enough to stave off the effects of a scarcity of sunlight, these are some CBD products you can try:

Lazarus Naturals Energy Blend:

This brand of CBD capsules comes in three formulations: original, energy, and relaxation. The energy blend balances a 25 mg dose of hemp-derived CBD with caffeine and vitamin B-12 in order to give users an additional short-term energy boost alongside the natural mood-lifting qualities of the original blend.

You may find that on dim winter mornings, this is a good supplement or alternative to your standard cup of coffee. You may also find that it’s even more effective when used in conjunction with a nighttime dose of the relaxation blend, which features the same quantity of CBD but swaps the vitamin B-12 for B-6, and the caffeine for chamomile and Ashwagandha, or Indian ginseng, an ancient medicinal herb reputed to boost brain function and counter the effects of anxiety and depression.

Alternative Health bath products:

If you enjoy the thought of relaxing with CBD and chamomile, then maybe you want to try other ways of relaxing in order to conserve energy on a winter’s night, in hopes that it will help you to get started in the mornings.

Many people find that a warm bath, even on its own, is one of the best things tools for easing both body and mind at the end of a stressful or tiring day. Now you can add the natural mood-lifting effects of CBD to your bath in the form of either bath bombs or fizz salts, both of which are available from Alterative Health via our online store.

Both of these products combine CBD with a careful blend of essential oils, designed to give one of three effects: relax, recover, or revive. That means that depending on which options you choose at checkout, you can use these CBD bath products solely for the purpose of winding down and sleeping well, or as another means of keeping yourself energized for much longer than the amount of time the sun is up on a December day.

Other options:

The above recommendations are specifically designed to either preserve or increase users’ energy, but there are countless other items in our catalog that might serve the same purpose for you.

One of the biggest selling points of CBD is that it’s capable of both relaxing and invigorating, depending on how it’s used, and in what quantities. Research indicates that doses under 15 mg tend to have a stimulant effect, while higher doses are more likely to elicit calm feelings and improve sleep.

Pay attention to those doses when buying new products, whether they are tinctures, vape cartridges, concentrates, or anything else. And as you experiment with each of these, pay attention to how your body reacts. Once you understand which products are best suited to you, we’re confident that you’ll find CBD becomes an invaluable resource for maintaining energy, mood and focus throughout the winter as well as at all other times.