How to Smoke Weed From a Hookah

There are many ways to smoke weed and one of them is through hookah, which is a tool with heated coals commonly used to smoke flavoured tobacco called shisha. Hookahs are usually made of glass or a combination of metal and wood. They come with water pipes that can be single stem or multi-stem, with the latter used for group smoking at hookah bars. 

Now there is a thing called dirty hookah, which is hookah that contains both tobacco and cannabis. So what’s the reason for smoking cannabis from a hookah with tobacco? Users swear that the experience is better when you mix cannabis with tobacco, you get the lightheaded rush of tobacco mixed with the heady euphoria of weed. 

Mixing a ground bud with the shisha will cause the weed to meld carefully with the tobacco, thus resulting in a smoother smoking experience than, say, smoking that bud through a pipe.

Why Should You Try Smoking Cannabis From a Hookah?

Sharing a hookah loaded with cannabis is a great way to spend time with friends, but you can definitely go solo and have the hookah all to yourself. Just like other methods of smoking weed, doing so from a hookah has its pros and cons. It’s best that you keep these in mind so that you can smoke your hookah with total peace of mind.

Taste is one of the major benefits of smoking cannabis from a hookah. Cannabis and flavoured tobacco combined can make your smoking a truly better occasion. Such an elevated experience is enriched when shared with friends, this is why it is so beneficial to smoke with a big hookah- you just simply use multiple hoses so you can smoke as a group.

Keep in mind, however, that smoking weed out of a hookah does come with limitations. Tending the hookah itself is something that needs some practice to be able to do it perfectly, especially for a non-smoker. You have to light up the coals correctly and make sure that optimal temperature is maintained for your cannabis use. It can take you multiple sessions to be able to master setting it up, which is essential, really, unless you want to risk wasting your good cannabis.

Using tobacco products is naturally a concern by itself. Smoking cannabis with tobacco will not eliminate the risks of the latter. The tobacco will simply act as the base for your weed but you still get what comes with it, such as nicotine and the carcinogenic ingredients. So if you want to avoid tobacco, you are better off not using a hookah or at least getting one of those tobacco-free herbal shisha hookah setups. It is not smoke-free but may be the best way for hookah users to avoid health effects.

How To Smoke Weed Using A Hookah 

You need to set up your hookah first in order to smoke your tobacco and cannabis properly. Make sure that you have the following:

  • Hookah
  • Shisha
  • Cannabis
  • Coals (choose a natural variety if possible)
  • Windscreen or Aluminum Foil
  • Heat Resistant Tongs

Here’s the step by step in setting up and how to use a hookah for your cannabis session:

Step 1: Clean Your Hookah Thoroughly

Maintaining cleanliness for hookah use is a must if you want a safe and pleasurable smoking experience. Even a brand new hookah should be given a thorough washing before use and get rid of the dust and other unwanted particles. Used hookah should be washed even more carefully in order to get rid of leftover residue. The residue can affect the taste of your smoke.

Step 2: Fill the Reservoir With Water

Take off the stem of the hookah and fill the base with clean water about ½ of the way. Don’t put too much water - it will make it difficult for you to take a pull from the hose. If you want a cooler sensation, you can combine water with ice to put in your reservoir. Put the water pipe back and make sure that you connect it securely.

Step 3: Check the Hose For Leaks

Insert the hoses into the openings of the hookah and make sure the connection is secure. You don’t want leaky hoses ruining your smoking experience. Before you light up the coals, put the mouthpiece to your mouth and inhale to test the inhale. If pulling a draw is difficult, it means you have to reduce the water in the basin.

Step 4: Fill the Hookah Bowl With Tobacco and Cannabis

You don’t have to fill the entire bowl of hookah with cannabis. The molasses or glycerin used to make shisha helps slow down the heating up of the plant matter. Just put a small layer of shisha in the bowl and then add your medical marijuana or recreational drug use weed. 

If there’s more space left on the bowl, just add more shisha. Don’t press the contents down too hard or you will block the airflow. Get only the best Hookah Tobacco/Shisha for your smoking session from Apotheca. 

Step 5: Cover the Bowl

Simply fit your manufactured windscreen on the top of the hookah. If you are using aluminum foil as a windscreen, wrap a small piece of the foil over the opening of the bowl. 

Poke small holes on the top using a pen or other sharp objects. The holes are necessary for airflow. Put the covered bowl above the hookah’s plate.

Step 6: Fire Up the Coals

Ignite the charcoal using a strong flame or dab torch on a heat-resistant surface. Wait until the coals are not emitting sparks anymore and become a glowing red-orange before you use the hookah.

Using your metal tongs, place the coals on top of the windscreen or foil. Put as many coals needed to cover the top of the bowl, but make sure that the airflow is not restricted.

Step 7: Let the Coals Heat the Bowl

Allow the coals to heat up the shisha and cannabis (around 3 to 4 minutes). When it’s ready, take a pull using the mouthpiece. If the smoke is weak and tastes bland, wait for the coals to heat a bit longer. If you taste something burnt, remove some of the coals so that the bowl can cool down slightly.

Step 8: Enjoy the Hookah Smoke

Take long and slow draws from your hookah until the flavour disappears. If you are smoking with other people, it’s best not to share a waterpipe during hookah smoking so that you can avoid spreading the pathogens through consumption methods.

Master the art of preparing your hookah with cannabis by getting high-quality hookah sets from Apotheca.

Reasons to Try Cannabis Hookah and Sociable Smoking

You can definitely elevate the cannabis smoking experience when done from a hookah, especially when some fruit flavouring is added to the bowl. It makes smoking so much smoother compared to doing so via traditional pipe or a rolled joint of weed. Here’s why smoking cannabis from a hookah can be truly worth your while:

Reason 1: You Can Use CBD Oil Instead For Safer Smoking

If you want to avoid that harsh hit you felt when the marijuana entered your lungs, you can switch to CBD oil instead. CBD oil with hookah is gentler in the lungs. You just need to moderate your hookah’s setup carefully to get it right. Taking in small amounts at a time and controlling your inhalation will improve your smoking experience.

Hookahs are usually compared to vaping devices, which use water and oil. Vaping devices don’t have the level of impact that dried marijuana flowers or dried tobacco has. Hookahs allow you to modulate the level of heat that enters your lungs - you simply add cold water or even ice to the water in the basin. 

Reason 2: The Flavours

Tasting fruity flavours in apple, lemon, and grape or coffee flavours are too good to pass up. Your CBD oil can be mixed with something else than marijuana extract. The fruit flavours enhance the trip that smoking weed provides. 

Also, you can control your level of high since CBD oil comes in various concentrations. You can choose potency levels, from as low as 200 mg to as high as 3000 mg. Another major plus: CBD oils do not contain nicotine. 

Reason 3: No Stains on Your Teeth

Having yellow teeth is not attractive at all, but it comes with heavy marijuana use. If you want to continue partaking in weed but want to avoid the horrible stains on the teeth, then switching to hookah is your answer, since it’s water-based. Yes, marijuana leaves can be used in your hookah, but the smoke produced here is different from the smoke coming from a joint or traditional pipe. 

You will also have cleaner, fresher breath when smoking from a hookah, especially if you use flavoured oils. Your breath will smell like oranges or roses to non-users even if you have been smoking weed.

Reason 4: No Nasty Smells on Your Clothing

You will end up with nice scents on you after smoking using hookah. Your clothes will end up smelling just like your breath would, which could be just like fruits or flowers. You don’t have to worry about coming out of your session reeking like tobacco or weed smoke afterwards.

Reason 5: Small Doses For a Relaxed Experience

You get small increments of the active components of marijuana during smoking sessions using hookah. For the best experience, users recommend taking short, gentle exhalations. This is different from the sudden rush you get from a hit. It’s like gliding your way into a high. This is why smoking hookah with cannabis products is a great way to relax with your friends.

Effects of Inhaling Smoke From the Hookah

While tobacco is linked to cancer and respiratory issues due to its' carcinogens, the negative side effects are not so strong when it comes to cannabis. It’s possible to get your lungs slightly irritated when you smoke weed, but the drawbacks are more or less short-term. If you stop smoking, the effects will simply go away though you may develop other health risks from smoking due to poor air quality.

That being said, if you already have respiratory issues or you have a breathing problem symptom, it’s best to avoid hookah sessions with tobacco or shisha. Those whose lungs are perfectly healthy and functional can go ahead and partake, with moderation, especially if it is your first time smoking weed.

There’s another concern, which is about how THC is distributed into the body when you smoke a hookah. When you inhale marijuana smoke through a hookah, the weed’s cannabinoids, which include CBD and THC, will enter your lungs along with a large cloud. Afterwards, it gets absorbed immediately by the tiny gas pockets lining your lungs, which serve as a direct entrance into your bloodstream. When the THC hits your bloodstream, the effects will start to manifest.

Smoking weed from a hookah can make your mind and body feel lightly soothed or totally relaxed. These euphoric effects can stay from 2 to 6 hours after a smoking session. Naturally, the more you smoke, the higher you will feel, but expect the potency to be relatively tame compared to non-hookah methods. This is because hookahs don’t work well with weed concentrates. This makes the hookah method ideal for both beginners and experienced smokers as opposed to say a much stronger vape pen.

Is It Safe to Smoke Cannabis From a Hookah Every Day?

The answer is different for each individual. It all boils down to one’s tolerance. There are users who can only smoke one blunt a day, but they can smoke more than one hookah within the same amount of time and vice-versa- some can smoke just one hookah per day, but can smoke multiple joints. Tolerance is a finicky, personal thing.

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