CBD Dosage Guide: How to Find the Right Milligram Bottle for You!

Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned user, determining the right dosage of CBD (Cannabidiol) can be daunting, especially since it is entirely new. With extensive experience in this field, we answer a lot of questions from our customers or readers every day. But, the most frequently asked question by both first-time and experienced users is – “What’s the right CBD dosage?

But before directly jumping to the right CBD dosage, let’s talk about the health benefits of consuming CBD.

Health Benefits of CBD

  • Relieve anxiety and pain
  • Lower inflammation
  • Reduce nausea
  • Improve bone growth
  • Slow or kill bacterial growth
  • Suppress muscle spasm
  • Treat chronic and neuropathic pain
  • Can treat diabetes and cancer
  • Help in depression
  • Can treat Parkinson’s disease and more

Basic Guidelines for Calculating CBD Dosage

When it comes to calculating the right CBD dosage, there are several factors you need to consider, and some of the most essential are as follows:

  • Your age and gender
  • Your body weight
  • Your diet and metabolism
  • The severity of your condition
  • Your tolerance power to CBD and so on

All these elements together affect the dosage amount that will work for you. Also, finding the correct CBD dosage always needs experimentation and adjustment, especially in the initial days of use. You need to be patient and perseverance to achieve the desired results with the right dosage. However, the good news is that the use of CBD is safe and has no risks.

Milligram vs. Size of CBD Bottle

Though there are several articles on the benefits of CBD, there are selected ones on the right CBD dosage. Also, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has not created an RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) for CBD, which means CBD oil doesn’t have a proper serving size.

Due to this, users are blindly estimating their dosages depending on recommendations from different companies and brands they buy their Cannabidiol from. Now, let’s figure out the amount of CBD you should take?

What Does CBD Percentage Mean?

CBD percentage refers to the amount of CBD in a bottle. Larger bottles have less Cannabidiol in every drop because of the bottle size but will include more milligrams (mg) of CBD overall.

To calculate the milligrams of CBD in a bottle, you need to check the bottle size and the CBD % in that bottle. The milligram content is usually mentioned on the bottle label, or you can also determine it yourself by following these steps:

(CBD Percentage (%) x Bottle Size (ml)) x 1000 = CBD concentration in mg(s)   

For instance, let’s compare 5% CBD oil in a 20ml and 50ml bottle, to evaluate CBD content in each bottle.

20ml Bottle: ((0.05×20))x1000 = 1000mg CBD

50ml Bottle: ((0.05×50))x1000 = 2500mg CBD

As you can see, the size of the bottle makes a considerable difference in the CBD amount. The larger the bottle size, the incremental increase in CBD concentration changes simultaneously. In mathematical language, it’s linear

Where to Buy CBD Oil

Though CBD oil’s impact varies from person to person, you should be aware of the general rule of thumb for CBD dosing to start with the right dosage. If you’re trying CBD for the first time, make sure to start with a minimum dose and slowly increase the amount. Also, it is recommended to consume high-quality CBD oil to avoid any side-effects.

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