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  1. Mixing Kratom and Marijuana: Is It Safe?

    kratom and marijuana

    Remember that there are many different ways to take Kratom and weed together. Both herbs are natural and can have similar effects depending on how much is used and which strain is used. One thing they both do is relieve pain and stress and make you feel better. Since there are different kinds of Kratom

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  2. How to Take Your Kratom on the Go

    kratom on the go

    There are many ways to absorb Kratom powder, whether you are a newbie wondering how to use Kratom powder or an expert seeking novel ways to take your dose of Kratom on the go. Kratom powder can be included in your wellness regimen, from the traditional toss-and-wash method to smoothies and pills.

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  3. Kratom vs. Kava: Which is Better?

    Kratom Vs. Kava

    Both Kratom and Kava are teas that produce euphoric effects, which is why they are frequently used interchangeably. They share some similarities but are also very different. It's only natural to compare Kratom vs. Kava and wonder which one is actually better. Kava has calming effects and can relieve

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  4. Heat and Kratom: Effects, Concerns, and Tips

    heat and kratom

    How is kratom affected by heat? The answers may vary greatly depending on who you ask. Common concerns regarding heat and kratom cite the possibility of spoiling in the sun or if the heat will somehow activate kratom and increase its potency. Just like a lot of herbs and substances, kratom's alkaloids

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