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  1. How to Smoke Weed From a Hookah

    How to Smoke Weed From a Hookah

    There are many ways to smoke weed and one of them is through hookah, which is a tool with heated coals commonly used to smoke flavoured tobacco called shisha. Hookahs are usually made of glass or a combination of metal and wood. They come with water pipes that can be single stem or multi-stem, with the latter used for group smoking at hookah bars. 

    Now there is a thing called dirty hookah, which is hookah that contains both tobacco and cannabis. So what’s the reason for smoking cannabis from a hookah with tobacco? Users swear that the experience is better when you mix cannabis with tobacco, you get the lightheaded rush of tobacco mixed with the heady euphoria of weed. 

    Mixing a ground bud with the shisha will cause the weed to meld carefully with the tobacco, thus resulting in a smoother smoking experience than, say, smoking that bud through a pipe.

    Why Should You Try Smoking Cannabis From a Hookah?

    Sharing a hookah loaded with cannabis is a great way to spend time with friends, but you can definitely go solo and have the hookah all to yourself. Just like other methods of smoking weed, doing so from a hookah has its pros and cons. It’s best that you keep these in mind so that you can smoke your hookah with total peace of mind.

    Taste is one of the major benefits of smoking cannabis from a hookah. Cannabis and flavoured tobacco combined can make your smoking a truly better occasion. Such an elevated experience is enriched when shared with friends, this is why it is so beneficial to smoke with a big hookah- you just simply use multiple hoses so you can smoke as a group.

    Keep in mind, however, that smoking weed out of a hookah does come with limitations. Tending the hookah itself is something that needs some practice to be able to do it perfectly, especially for a non-smoker. You have to light up the coals correctly and make sure that optimal temperature is maintained for your cannabis use. It can take

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  2. Best CBD Oil


    If you’re stressed and looking for a natural way to calm your body and spirit, consider taking CBD oil. This is not like experiencing the psychoactive effects of marijuana, which has the compound THC that is responsible for the mind-blowing high that weed is associated with. 

    Cannabidiol or CBD oil will make you feel warm, comfortable, and tranquil - just like your favourite blanket would. The good news is that you have so many options to choose from when it comes to CBD products, with a lot of high-quality ones available online.

    If you’re just starting out with CBD derivatives, the easiest way to add them to your daily routine is to consume the oil of CBD. There are different ways to experience cannabidiol oil - you can use it sublingually (under the tongue), mix it into your drink, or apply it topically on the skin.

    All you need are a few drops to ease your restlessness, boost your mood, and get the gentle sleep you need.

    How To Find High-Quality CBD Products

    You need to look for the right blend of CBD and other cannabis-based chemicals when shopping for high-quality CBD derivatives. You can find CBD in three formulas:

    Full-spectrum CBD

    These CBD derivatives contain cannabinoids and terpenes, which are the other compounds from the cannabis plant. Full-spectrum CBD products usually contain tiny amounts of THC too.

    Broad-spectrum CBD

    These CBD derivatives have all the chemicals to be found in cannabis plants, except THC. 

    CBD Isolate

    CBD isolates do not contain additional cannabinoids or terpenes, therefore making it the purest form of CBD

    What about the effects? Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products can give you the entourage effect, which happens when cannabinoids and terpenes interact. This includes things like a dry mouth and short-term memory loss. There are many cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. CBD is said to be more effective

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  3. Kratom vs CBD


    Chances are, that you are already familiar with cannabidiol (CBD), given its popularity. But there’s another natural pain relief option that is fast becoming as popular as CBD. Kratom, which is a tree species from Southeast Asia, has become an alternative for those seeking a natural pain reliever. It is said to soothe symptoms of various medical conditions such as anxiety, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and opioid withdrawal.

    Since cannabidiol is known for providing relief for the same conditions, one would naturally wonder, which one is better. Is it kratom or cannabidiol? This is why it’s important to compare and contrast the two so that you can choose which is the better option for your pain relief issues.


    What Is Kratom?


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