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  1. How to Smoke Weed From a Hookah

    How to Smoke Weed From a Hookah

    There are many ways to smoke weed and one of them is through hookah, which is a tool with heated coals commonly used to smoke flavoured tobacco called shisha. Hookahs are usually made of glass or a combination of metal and wood. They come with water pipes that can be single stem or multi-stem, with the

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  2. Best CBD Oil


    If you’re stressed and looking for a natural way to calm your body and spirit, consider taking CBD oil. This is not like experiencing the psychoactive effects of marijuana, which has the compound THC that is responsible for the mind-blowing high that weed is associated with. 

    Cannabidiol o

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  3. Kratom vs CBD


    Chances are, that you are already familiar with cannabidiol (CBD), given its popularity. But there’s another natural pain relief option that is fast becoming as popular as CBD. Kratom, which is a tree species from Southeast Asia, has become an alternative for those seeking a natural pain reliever. I

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