Where to Buy Delta 8 Gummies

When it comes to CBD and THC, edibles have become extremely popular over the last few years. With such a large variety of edible products, you can choose anything from chocolate bars and cookies to drinks and gummies. The choice and range of products are growing every day as many people seek to avoid products that need to be inhaled or vaped or have that ‘earthy’ taste commonly associated with tinctures and drops.

Initially, it was the CBD market that was focusing its efforts on edibles, but now with the legalization of cannabis and THC in many states, a number of these manufacturers are producing gummies and edibles to containing cannabis too, with one of the most popular being the Delta-8-THC range. 

Delta-8 is becoming increasingly popular due to its mellow effects compared to other forms of cannabis. Many users find that it gives a high that is free from anxiety and is incredibly relaxing when compared to other types. At Apotheca, we stock the full range of Delta-8, including the Delta-8 gummies range in our stores and online shop. 

What is Delta 8?

Due to some regulatory and legal loopholes, Delta-8 isn’t classed as cannabis or CBD. It has lower levels of THC than Delta-9, which is the ingredient in cannabis that gets you high and gives you a sense of euphoria. 

Delta-8 is very similar to Delta-9 in that it contains THC, which is known for its therapeutic properties as well as happiness, sedation, pain relief, and euphoria. It can be produced from both cannabis and hemp, which is where the hazy legal status comes in. Hemp growing and extraction is not regulated like cannabis and as such can be grown legally pretty much anywhere.

Delta 8 is very similar to Delta-9 but binds with the CB1 receptors in the brain by 30% less than delta 9. 

The high

Many people prefer the kind of high they get from Delta-8. It is very popular with new users or those looking for a less intense effect with fewer issues around appetite and anxiety. 

Many people believe it has similar effects and therapeutic benefits as CBD oil while having the uplifting effects of THC. 

Why edibles? 

Ingesting cannabis and THC has become the most popular way to use the products. This is for a number of reasons. Some people don’t want to smoke or vape due to the potential effects on the lungs. For this reason, it might not be suitable for people with asthma or other respiratory conditions. 

Edibles such as gummies also take longer to begin to take effect and can last longer, perfect if you’re wanting a longer therapeutic effect. 

Using Delta 8 edibles also has the benefit of being more discreet than smoking or vaping. You can easily carry them around with your personal belongings (being mindful of the laws in your state). 

Finally, they taste better. Smoking, vaping, and oils can have a certain taste that takes some getting used to. Even when flavored, some people prefer to hide the flavor in an edible. 

There are Delta-8 products to suit your own particular needs and preferences, you’ll find one that’s perfect for you. 

Buy Delta 8 at Apotheca

Currently, the production of Delta 8 falls outside the usual regulatory requirements, meaning that you have to be careful what you’re buying and who you’re buying it from. At Apotheca, we stock a range of trusted delta 8 gummies and edibles for those who don’t want to smoke or vape. 

Our range includes strawberry, watermelon, raspberry, and peach gummies. Or if you’re wanting something a little more substantial, you can try our crunchy treats, drops, sticks, and brownie bites. You’re spoilt for choice. Browse our range and enjoy them responsibly and safely by following the usage guidelines. 


How much delta 8 you should take is dependent on a few factors. If you are an experienced user, then you may find that Delta 8 is fairly weak compared to what you’re used to. But this is a reason that many people choose Delta 8 in the first place. 

As with all THC products, new users should start with a low dose in order to get used to the effects and not be overwhelmed. Your body chemistry and metabolism will also play a role in how Delta 8 affects you. Always read any information that your Delta 8 edibles come in and use your own common sense.

If you’re using Delta-8 gummies, it’s a good idea to start off with half a gummy before gradually working your way to a dosage that’s right for you. 

High-quality products

We are committed to providing our customers with a first-class experience when shopping with us. When selecting new products, we require suppliers to undergo a rigorous process before we sell their products. There are a lot of disreputable companies out there looking to take advantage of customers, and our process means that you can shop in complete confidence. 

Delta 8 has not been on the market for very long but has become incredibly popular during this time. Because of the legal status of Delta 8, the quality of certain products can differ. The hemp is what’s known as a bioaccumulator, meaning that it will absorb whatever is present in the soil, so the quality of the soil and products used needs to be high to ensure that no toxic substances are present. 

At Apotheca, we source all of our products from high-quality, government-sanctioned growers based in the US, ensuring that you get a good quality product that is not a risk to your health. 

Where to find Apotheca

For all of your CBD and THC needs, Apotheca is your one-stop-shop you.  Order safely and securely online from our online product range. You can also visit us in person at one of our stores in Greensboro, Cornelius, and Ashville. 

Our staff are very knowledgeable and will be able to discuss your needs with you and recommend the perfect products. That’s why our customers keep coming back to us time and time again.