What is Delta-10 THC?

Delta-10 THC: An A to Z on the Newest Cannabinoid in Town

Ah, the wonders of cannabis and hemp—they don’t seem to run out of new things to stir up enthusiasts around the world.

It hasn’t been long since people have started gushing over the pleasurably gentler highs of Delta-8 THC, but it looks like it’s time yet again to make room for the newest member of the “Delta family,” Delta 10-THC. 

What is Delta-10 THC?

Delta-10 is one of the hundreds of THC compounds that’s also close relatives with the longer-known Delta-9, which you would probably know to be the compound that brings about the all-too-familiar cannabis-induced feelings of high and euphoria. With its straight-out-of-a-movie discovery story, Delta-10 THC is highly elusive at the moment, with the compound only being found in trace amounts at most and only after certain processes are carried out. 

Research on this intriguing compound is still in progress and so not much is known about it as of yet. But even now, it’s already showing great potential for both recreation and health that we think it to be a good idea to get to know it before it becomes even more hyped up. To get you started, we’ve put together everything that we know so far about Delta-10 THC.

Delta-10 THC vs Delta-9 THC

Delta-9 THC is the cannabinoid that’s known to be responsible for making us feel the highs associated with cannabis. The main difference between that and the mysterious Delta-10 is simply where the bonds are in their chemical structures; Delta-9 has its bond on the ninth carbon chain, Delta-8’s is on the eighth, and Delta-10’s is—you guessed it—on the tenth. For many of us, it doesn't seem like there is any difference, but such variations are enough to cause quite different reactions in our bodies.

Delta-9 can be too potent for some users, with paranoia being on the table when taken in large quantities. The emergence of compounds like Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC, whose effects are subtly yet positively different, can truly be a godsend for many.

But is the hype justified? Will continued research yield any useful results? Is Delta-10 THC psychoactive?

Again, just like Delta-8, it isn’t too far off from Delta-9, chemical structure-wise. It is a new form, but it still is THC. So yes, Delta-10 THC can get you high. Its molecular nature can also make it safe for us to say that it will most likely offer the same benefits as other cannabinoids do.

Oh, and yes, continued research will definitely be worth it.

Delta-10 THC Effects

Research surrounding Delta-10 is still in its early stages, and with not much information to go by, there aren’t many definitive reviews of it yet. Those who have tried it, however—in states and countries where it’s legal, or those who’ve successfully extracted and processed it from hemp—all came back with more or less the same feedback: both Delta-8 and Delta-10 pale in comparison to the standard THC in terms of potency, but that it’s exactly what makes them so charming.

Early users have also reported the stark difference between the two new deltas: Delta-8 THC can be reminiscent of indica effects, while effects of Delta-10 THC are similar to those that you would get from sativa strains.

In a nutshell, the three produce very similar yet fairly varying THC effects.

Delta-10 THC Benefits

Tapping back into what we mentioned earlier, Delta-10 THC has a chemical structure that is not entirely new to scientists and researchers. A more comprehensive study on the cannabinoid is very much needed, but a safe guess would be that it will most likely present benefits that other forms of THC have been found to offer.

Here’s a short list of potential advantages from Delta-10, again, based on properties that its sister compounds have been known to have in common:

  • A pleasurable increase in energy
  • Moods being lifted
  • Pain relief
  • Neuroprotective tendencies
  • Relaxation

As more research is performed on Delta-10, benefits specific to it will definitely come into light. For now, we can look forward to more conclusive studies about it. In a year or two, maybe?

Where can I get Delta-10 THC?

Before we get to the answer, let’s have a quick storytime about the beginnings of Delta-10.

When Fusion Farms, a California-based cannabis company, purchased cannabis biomass for use in manufacturing their products, they weren’t exactly planning on accidentally discovering a new THC compound.

When they distilled their extracts from the same biomass, they found unusual crystals that they first mistook for CBC or CBL. It didn’t take them long to decide that they couldn’t match the crystals to any known cannabinoids at the time. After months of research, Delta-10 THC was given its proper identification.

It turns out that prior to Fusion Farms’ purchase of the biomass, there was a wildfire in California. The batch that the extracts were from were apparently contaminated with fire retardant, and subsequently produced Delta-10.

Delta-10 THC is then, to some extent, the microwave popcorn of the cannabis world.

Today, finding strains with Delta-10 THC content is difficult, if not impossible, because there’s a set of procedures that processors must observe to a T in order to produce it. Labs are employing greener ways to produce the compound for the purpose of unraveling it altogether.

Now, with the history lesson out of the way, it’s time to get to the good bit: what Delta-10 THC products are available and where can we get them?

Though it’s quite debatable, US Federal laws seem to focus their strict regulations on Delta-9 THC specifically, pretty much leaving Delta-10 in a “legal gray zone.” This means that like Delta-8, production of the soon-to-be superstar compound is quite easy, albeit limited at the moment.

Depending on the findings of the studies on Delta-10 THC, the cannabinoid may end up being tightly or loosely regulated in the near future. We at Apotheca believe that for now (and while you can!), you should definitely try it out and see its effects for yourself!

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