Apotheca Dispensary - Cannabis Edibles Kitchen - Waynesville, NC

Dispensary Chain Adds Link in Waynesville

Apotheca has opened its first kitchen for edibles, right in WNC

Waynesville, NC - Apotheca dispensary has opened its first edibles kitchen in Waynesville, but don’t worry because it will also be a (great-smelling) retail shop as well. Located at 168 S. Main St., this location has lots of parking and easy access off 23, near Pigeon Rd.

“We’re so glad we found this Waynesville spot for Apotheca,“ said owner and CEO Lee VanTine. “It’s perfect for the chain because it’s sort of centrally located to get our house-made CBD and THC edibles in all our 33 storefronts quickly, so they’re fresh. Wait, it’s 34 stores now!”

Apotheca carries traditional cannabis products like loose flower, pre-roll joints, CBD and THC edibles including gummies, cookies and candies too. All products are hand selected and tested by independent third-party labs for safety and potency.

The chain carries popular names, as well as Apotheca branded goods. Other Apotheca products include kratom and psychedelic microdosing mushroom edibles with no psilocybin, as well as farm-fresh honeys, jellies, preserved veggies and more.

“Part of our success is trustworthy products. But a great brand also means we are staffed with great people, who deliver great service. This is important when you’re talking about potent, important products.”

The Apotheca brand has a distinct feel, with custom built wooden display cases and warm earth tone colors. Products are clear and easy to see with cool custom lighting fixtures that set the stores apart from others. Apotheca also fully trains all staff to help customers make informed decisions for important personal self-care needs. Since there are hundreds of products from which to choose, it can be a little daunting.

“Great customer service comes from helping people find the right products that change their lives,” says VanTine. “And the stuff we carry, people need in their lives for so many reasons.”

Everything Apotheca carries, from concentrates to flower, is as potent and effective as cannabis products sold on the West Coast. It may be surprising to learn that the hemp we sell comes from the exact same plant, cannabis sativa l, that is grown in California and Oregon. However, unlike products sold on the West Coast, Apotheca‘s products are legal under both federal and North Carolina state law. This is because they conform with the 2018 Farm bill.

“It’s a completely different feel than a smoke shop or a vape store,” said VanTine, “especially for newcomers to cannabis. You can bring your grandmother in and everybody has the same experience. They love it. And in Waynesville, this store is going to smell great too, even better than normal!”

“Apotheca stores are so successful because they truly change peoples’ lives, both customers and employees,” says VanTine. “When we say, ‘Your wellness is our business,’ that’s not just a tagline. Apotheca partners with great communities like Waynesville.”