thca diamonds

Interest in THCA products, including THCA diamonds is slowly growing as more and more people become aware of their benefits. But how are THCA diamonds, also known as weed diamonds and THC diamonds, made?

What is THCA?

Most recreational and medical users are familiar with THC. But what about THCA? Is this a new marketing gimmick by the cannabis industry?

THCA or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is the acidic form of THC. Cannabis plants produce terpenes and different cannabinoids as they grow and mature. One of the first cannabinoids that form in marijuana plants is CBGA. Eventually, CBGA breaks down to form other cannabinoids, including THCA.

Unlike cannabinoids like THC and CBD, THCA is non-intoxicating. Although it is similar to THC in terms of chemical structure, it has an extra carboxyl ring that stops it from binding with the body's cannabinoid receptor. Essentially, what this means is that THCA cannot make you high.


THCA is the precursor of THC. Although they are similar in a few ways, they also have some key differences, starting with their chemical structure. THCA has an extra carboxyl ring. When heat is applied to THCA, it loses that carboxyl ring and transforms into THC.

Another important distinction between THCA and THC is that the former is non-psychoactive. THCA does not bind with the CB1 receptors in the human body as THC does.

In terms of effects and benefits, the two cannabinoids share a few things in common. According to current research, both THCA and THC have the potential to help manage the symptoms of conditions like inflammation.

THCA is also a neuroprotectant which means that it has the potential to be used for the management of conditions like multiple sclerosis, seizures, and Parkinson's disease. But because this cannabinoid is non-psychoactive, it cannot be used by people seeking relief from insomnia.

What Are THCA Diamonds?

THCA crystals, as their name implies, are small crystalline structures fashioned out of pure THCA extracts made through a process known in the cannabis industry as diamond mining as well as refined oil isolation.

These two processes separate THCA from the other compounds found in marijuana. Compared to other THCA products, a single THCA diamond contains more cannabinoids. Dabbing or vaping THCA diamonds transforms the crystals into THC. This results in a more potent and fast-acting high.

Many users prefer dabbing or vaping THCA crystals because of the potency of this cannabinoid in this form. You can simply sprinkle THCA crystals in the chamber of your vaping device along with your preferred cannabis products. If you are looking for a more intense experience, you can use weed diamonds with terp sauce.

THC Diamonds vs. Cannabis Concentrate Products

After cannabis buds, live resins and distillate oils are probably the next most popular products in the cannabis industry. THCA diamonds are slowly getting there. But how do these cannabis products stack up against each other?

Aside from their obvious differences in appearance, one key difference between THC crystals and other cannabis products is potency. In fact, one of the reasons why THCA is fast gaining ground in the cannabis industry is because of the demand. Weed diamonds can have as much as 98% pure THCA content.

In contrast, distillates may contain a variety of cannabinoids, based on the type of product as well as the extraction process used in making them. Another key difference between THCA crystals and distillates is that weed diamonds aren't fully decarbed. In terms of potential potency, THCA diamonds have the advantage.

Another major difference between distillates and THCA diamonds is the type of materials used for the production of each product type. In producing distillate cannabis oils, some manufacturers use the fibrous parts of the cannabis plant, including the leaves and stems.

In diamond mining, the process used to produce diamonds, the flower serves as the base material for production. Manufacturers of THCA diamonds take extra care to ensure that the flowers are kept at the optimal temperature range to ensure that more terpenes are kept.

What Do THCA Diamonds Look Like?

Crystalline tetrahydrocannabinolic acid or THCA crystals are quite popular among recreational users. But if there is one market segment that will immensely benefit from using THC diamonds, that would be medical users. The chief reason behind that is that THCA is non-intoxicating.

THCA in the form of crystalline structures is a true sight to behold. In fact, you can tell a lot about the quality of THCA crystalline just by looking at it. The color and clarity of THCA diamonds relate to the quality of liquid terpenes used in their production. The yellower the color of the THC diamond, the more terpenes can be found in it. And conversely, if the THCA diamond looks lackluster, that means that there are still solvents remaining in it. In short, both color and clarity indicate the potency of THCA diamonds.

A Quick Guide to Creating THCA Diamonds

Making THCA diamonds requires the use of non-decarboxylated cannabis oil. Some people use live resin oils while others prefer to use crude oil from trimmings. But one important thing to remember about making weed diamonds is that you need to remove impurities from the cannabis oil, specifically fats and waxes. To do this, you need to winterize the cannabis oil before actually making THCA crystals.

The actual THC diamonds are formed during the process known as nucleation. Nucleation is the process where the atoms of the cannabis oil bond together to solidify. This happens when the cannabis oil reaches a specific temperature.

Here is a brief glimpse of the different diamond mining techniques that you might want to try at home.

Liquid Petroleum Gas Extraction

This method of creating THCA diamonds requires the use of liquid petroleum gas. But before you begin diamond mining, you have to make sure that your extraction system is set to at least -50 C or even lower than that.

Start by reducing the temperature of your extraction system to -30 mmHg by using a vacuum pump. Another important thing to remember is to keep the solvent-to-biomass ratio between 6:1 and 10:1. Some people use dewaxing columns to remove impurities from the cannabis oil. As much as possible, retain as much as 90% of your solvent, ideally at 18 C. This will ensure that you keep as many terpenes as possible.

After you are done with the previous steps, you can transfer your solvent to a pressure-rated container. The best container is one that has a pressure gauge, pressure release valve, and vent valves. Once you have transferred your solvent, close the lid of the container and then chill it for two days at -75 C.

After two days, take the container of your solvent and open the vent valve to facilitate the lowering of the temperature of the solvent. You can expect to lose about one-third of the solvent.

Increasing nucleation with the low and slow method

If you are trying to make THCA diamonds, your ultimate goal might be to make as many pure THCA crystals as possible.

One way to achieve that method is to use the low and slow method. With this method, you need to close the container of your solvent while gradually increasing the temperature between 25 and 35 C for a period between five and 30 days. Aside from mining more THC diamonds, the crystalline structures are noticeably bigger.

Upon reaching the desired size of the THCA diamonds, you can now pour the remaining solvent into another container and repeat the previous steps to create more weed diamonds.

You can then stop the whole process of creating THCA diamonds and you'll get crystals that are highly potent and filled with terpenes. If you stop here, you will get THCA diamonds that are composed of 15 percent terpenes and 70 percent THCA. Take note that when you continuously pour out the liquid terpene, the weed diamonds become more potent.

Purging the solvent

Once you are satisfied with the size of the THC diamonds, you can now begin purging the remaining solvents from the crystals and terpene layer. For this step, you will need a large glass that is big enough to create a thin layer consisting of terpenes. Start by putting your crystallization container and large dish into a vacuum oven set between 18 and 30 C. You may also use a vacuum with a capacity of -15 to -20 mmHg to make things easier for you.

Once you are done, you should get 99% pure THCA diamonds. However, it is still possible for the purity to go lower than that, depending on the terpenes and remaining solvent.

Ed Rosenthal Method

Ed Rosenthal is one of the leading figures in the country. But aside from that, he has also devised a diamond mining method that you can try at home.

For this diamond mining technique, you will need live resin or BHO. The good thing about using either of the two cannabis concentrates is that the process of extraction is similar for both. One main difference between the two materials is that you will need cannabis flowers that have been dried and cured for BHO and fresh buds for live resin.

Step 1

Start by pouring your materials into a mason jar, making sure to screw the lid tightly. Ideally, your cannabis extract should be viscous enough so you won't have a hard time pouring it into the container.

After pouring your cannabis extract into a mason jar, the next order of business is storage. The ideal temperature range is between 26 and 28 C. As such, consider placing a temperature in your chosen storage location so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Step 2

If you observe your cannabis concentrate, especially if you are using BHO to create THCA diamonds, you will notice a viscous layer rising to the top. People in the cannabis industry call this the terp sauce which is simply the terpenes rising to the top layer if you are within the recommended temperature range. THC diamonds, on the other hand, go down the container.

Step 3

With Ed Rosenthal's diamond mining method, you need to keep your cannabis concentrate inside the mason jar for between two to three weeks to allow the formation of the THC diamonds.

Take note that keeping the cannabis extract inside a mason jar will lead to the build-up of pressure. As such, you need to open up the jar every two days to release the pressure.

Step 4

Check the THCA diamonds that have formed inside the jar. If you are satisfied with their size, you can now purge the mixture. Some people separate the pure THCA crystals from the terp sauce while others keep the two together.

Either way, you need to put your mason jar inside a vacuum chamber before putting the chamber in a heating mat. From there, set your vacuum pump to -15 hg and the heating mat to 28 C. The purging process takes 24 hours to complete.

Step 5

The next step depends on your personal preference. If your goal is to create pure THCA crystals, you will need to separate the terp sauce from the mixture.

Otherwise, you can keep the terp sauce along with your THCA diamonds. The advantage of this is that the terp sauce enhances the flavor and effects of your THC diamonds through the phenomenon known as the entourage effect.

Getting the Most Out of Your THCA Diamonds

Now that you have successfully created THCA diamonds, it's now time to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

The easiest way to do that is to smoke your fresh and pure THCA crystals. But if you truly want to get the most out of your creations, you should strongly consider combining them with other cannabinoids. Cannabinoids like cannabinol and terpenes, for example, open you up to additional benefits.

The terpene known as linalool, when combined with THCA diamonds, can help you achieve deeper relaxation. If you have been dealing with nausea, you can use your THC diamonds with the terpene called myrcene for some relief.

THCA Diamonds: A Foundation for Future Cannabis Products

THC and CBD remain as two of the most popular cannabinoids. But as new users, especially medical users, turn to cannabis products for managing the symptoms of their medical issues, it is highly likely that THCA products like THC diamonds take the top spot from THC and CBD.

That is because THCA provides several potential benefits without the intoxication associated with other cannabinoids. Additionally, combining THCA diamonds with other cannabis products like terpenes and cannabinoids can lead to more benefits, especially for people who are not after the psychoactive effects traditionally associated with marijuana.

Although studies and clinical trials on THCA remain limited, there is optimism among experts that this cannabinoid can fill the gap left by traditional products from the cannabis plant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are THCA Diamonds safe?

Are you putting yourself at risk when you smoke THC diamonds? While smoking THCA diamonds is safe, in general, combustibles like cigarettes, joints, and THC diamonds, carry a few adverse side effects.

Additionally, you should avoid THCA diamonds if you are sensitive to THC, terpenes, or other cannabinoids.

Are THCA Diamonds different from THC diamonds?

The terms THCA diamonds and THC diamonds refer to the same things and can be used interchangeably.

When you apply a specific amount of heat to THCA diamonds until it reaches the decarboxylation point, they will be converted to THC. Smoking or vaping THCA crystals generates higher potency THC.

How are THCA Diamonds made?

In making THC diamonds, one of the most important things that you need to bear in mind is to prevent THCA from converting into THC. Manufacturers adhere to that key principle by using three processes.

Diamond mining

Diamond mining is the process where you create THC diamonds by isolating THCA from liquid terpene extract.

Closed-loop extraction

Closed-loop extraction or CLE is another process used to create THCA diamonds. The process involves separating terpenes and THCA from the cannabis plants.

The extract derived from the plants is then used for creating THC diamonds.

Crystalline method

With the crystalline method, you will need to mix a solvent with your THCA. After mixing, you will add heat and pressure to the mix to facilitate the separation of THCA from the solution. Afterward, the THCA molecules will bond with one another to create THCA diamonds.

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