Owning a pricey pipe or bong can be more stressful than fun. Sometimes people who use it always expect it to be clean enough for you to eat food out of it at all times. And when you lend it to someone for them to use, sometimes it gets nerve-wracking because you’ll never know what they might do to it. 

… And then there were ceramic bongs. These are glazed bongs and pipes, all colored in earthy and simple tones, which remind you of Southwestern pottery. And not only that, but they’re also more challenging than glass and can hide that nasty and murky bong water from other smokers. It’s becoming more obvious that marijuana integrates into our everyday lives, especially as more places deem it legal to use. You no longer have to hide it away – Some countries have lived with marijuana and even celebrate it. And when you think about this, it’s much clearer that we could pick up accessories that blend seamlessly into our own lives.

What is Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl?

The Puffco Peak Ceramic bowl is a ceramic crucible that vaporizes and heats the marijuana concentrate of your choice. Smoking this pipe offers nothing but the best flavor. And not only that, but it heats the concentrate quickly, too. You can also torch this bowl back into its original clean state, one of its best features. This product comes with three bowls and is only compatible with a new Peak chamber. Check if your chamber contains a ring on the bottom before buying. The latest product contains a bottom indent and is a guaranteed genuine Puffco Peak accessory. 

This product allows you to get the most flavor from your favorite concentrates. Always keep the Puffco Ceramic Bowl fresh and clean, so you’re ready to use one while one dish is still being cleaned up. You can use one of the three Puffco Peak replacement bowls to do this. The product includes three Puffco Ceramic bowls, as well as an insert. The packaging for the product is also very discreet.

More About Puffco

Puffco is a Los Angeles-based company established in 2013. Its headquarters are located in the Greater Los Angeles area. The company was founded by Roger Volodarsky, a man who has rightfully earned the nickname “The Steve Jobs of vaporizers.” He has also contributed plenty of things to the American marijuana industry. Puffco is popular among marijuana smokers as they create plenty of products that give out the most effective and intuitive interaction with its consumers. Puffco has also been acclaimed by many, thanks to its award-winning designs, along with its innovative technology regarding the ingestion of marijuana concentrates. The company creates a whole assortment of easy-to-use devices for concentrated consumers. Aside from the Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl, they have also made the Puffco Peak and Pro 2, along with several affordable vape pens. Puffco has garnered plenty of critical acclaim and has won numerous awards through the years. You can check out all our brands here.

Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl Cleaning Tips

The average Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl contains a sealed ceramic chamber, which means that the bowl isn’t removable. The sealed ceramic chamber inside has been made to communicate with your Peak app after you download it. This is also where you keep the oil, where it usually belongs. 

But before you can consume any concentrate using this product, you have to charge its base first completely. The white LED light, located on the bowl’s base, will stop pulsating once it’s finished charging. The battery takes over two hours to charge completely and will last long enough for you to consume at least 30 dabs of marijuana. 

Cleaning the Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl only requires a glass beaker and ISO alcohol. The first step is to submerge the glass inside the beaker for at least 30 minutes. After it’s been soaked, remove the bowl, then rinse it thoroughly using clean water. This removes all of the excess alcohol used for cleaning. Allow the glass in the bowl to completely dry first before you re-attach it to the base. 

When cleaning up ceramic objects, including pans and cookware, you should always use warm soapy water and rinse it well afterwards. Dry the product using a soft cloth. This gets rid of any dust particles and dirt that settles on the surface of the product after it has been manufactured and shipped. The same goes after any usage – Always wash any ceramic object, be it cookware or a pipe, to get rid of any food or dust particles.

How Often Should You Clean Your Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl?

An excellent rule to follow is to clean the product each time it runs low on batteries or requires charging. Meanwhile, the atomizer has to be soaked in the ISO alcohol solution, especially if you observe any excess flooding or receive a rainbow light response from the product. 

As mentioned, yes, you can soak the Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl in alcohol. All you need to do is to grab the bowl’s atomizer, then turn it counterclockwise until it starts loosening up. Then remove it from the base. You’ll notice that the atomizer itself splits into four different portions, but Puffco suggests that you store it all in one piece before dropping it inside the alcohol solution for a soak.

How to Change Burnt Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl

Cleaning and changing your Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl is very simple, and you can do it with a couple of household items. It’s a ceramic bowl that puffs out clouds like no other, and it’s expected to make a mess sometimes. Whether you’re a heavy hitter or use your ceramic bowl casually, you still have to change and clean it regularly. To change your Puffco bowl, take out all of the pieces of your peak and look at the damage carefully. Taking it apart is the best way to clean out the atomizer. Just slip off the rubber seal, then take off the ceramic bowl. The next step would be to remove the ceramic bracket located inside the rubber seal. The plate and the ceramic bowl found inside the metal housing are pretty fragile, so be careful when doing this step. 

Please take off the bubbler and remove it from the base. Slowly pull down the glass, then away from the base. Please fill up the bubbler a little less than halfway with rubbing alcohol, then cover up the opening, and shake it to loosen up the remaining dirt inside. If planning to soak this overnight in the alcohol solution, then it’s suggested that you do this overnight, as this loosens up a concentrated buildup. Once it is cleaned up, rinse it out using fresh water and then dry it. 

Begin by slipping the ceramic buckle on the rubber seal, then place the ceramic bowl back into the metal housing. Place the seal back on top by lining the three teeth onto the buckle with the gaps along with the metal housing. Press it together very gently, and be careful not to break the atomizer. If the seal is excellent and flattened, then this means you have done this step correctly. Check to see if the ceramic bowl isn’t loose. Then take the whole atomizer and screw it back onto the base until it’s nice and tight. Push it down slowly as you twist. Then lastly, take the bubbler and fill it with water, just past the air holes. Make sure to do this away from the base to prevent any damage from happening. Then grab the ceramic bowl’s glass part and connect it to the base. The secret here is to check if the bottom air hole found outside of the blubber is lined up along the intake hole located on the base. Take a couple of test draws so you can find out if your ceramic bowl is good to go once again.

Here are a couple of tips if you want a cleaner Puffco ceramic bowl. Don’t use too much material during a smoke session if you frequently use the product. The sweet spot involves smoking any marijuana concentrate without leaving any leftovers. When using it, make sure to always experiment with various temperatures and load sizes. This will help you find that combination that gives you a good and satisfying hit without leaving a mess to clean afterward. Another suggestion is to rinse and dump out the bubbler once you’re done using the ceramic bowl for the day, so no nasty gunk will settle to the bottom and eventually stick to the glass. You’ll be surprised at how messy it can get once you clean the product up.

How Long Does a Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl Last?

There isn’t a fixed answer to this question. It’ll all depend on how much you utilize the pipe and how well you take care of it and regularly keep it clean. The average atomizer coils found in the pipe last for up to a month. However, if you rarely use the pipe, it can last for 12 weeks. 

And what about its batteries? Well, when you purchase a brand new Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl, they already come with their own set of batteries, so you no longer have to rush to a store to buy one. The plus battery that comes with the pipe lasts around an average of 30 marijuana smoking sessions while tuned into the highest setting. Frequent usage of the pipe in its highest setting or when you turn it to Sesh Mode will use up the batteries quickly. 

A Puffco Peak pipe with its batteries fully charged can go through 30 heating cycles before you have to recharge it. As mentioned, tuning it to Sesh Mode often will deplete the batteries much quicker.

What Many Americans Say About the Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl

There has been nothing but raves from satisfied clients regarding the Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl. A person who bought it from his favorite marijuana dispensary store praised its cleanliness and that he got it at an amazing price. Another individual who regularly takes medical marijuana liked that it shipped quickly to his house, is affordable, and he had no complaints about the product in general. He also suggested that you purchase it from the official Puffco store, as shipping with that company is the cheapest. 

A lady who enjoyed traveling liked that the product was pretty small but could satisfy her marijuana consumption needs. According to her, it was just perfect each time she used it. She also liked the fact that it was so easy to clean. She also mentioned purchasing butane for her old pipe and felt relieved that the Puffco Ceramic Bowl no longer needed that. A fourth client, a man, also enjoyed the cheap and fast shipping, and the product arrived at his home in less than a week. And finally, another satisfied client was relieved that the product arrived at her home and said it was her first time purchasing from the Puffco store. She was pleasantly surprised and would order from the store again anytime soon. 

These reviews are solid proof that Puffco’s products, including its Peak Ceramic Bowl, are the real deal. Buying one would surely satisfy your smoking needs, too.

Premium THC Concentrates to Use with Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl

Marijuana concentrates, particularly those smoked in a ceramic bowl like Puffco’s, have become massively popular over the years. These concentrates are much more flavorful and potent than regular marijuana leaves. This is the reason why they’re so enjoyable to be smoked in ceramic bowls and pipes. It’s a lot more potent and flavorful than older marijuana buds, so you can be sure that concentrates get the job done in making you high. Here are some of the most potent marijuana concentrates that you can use for your Puffco pipes. 

But does the type of concentrate that you use matter? There are a few differences between all concentrates, and plenty of experienced marijuana smokers have their recommendations on which one is the best. Here are some great concentrates that you can use the next time you smoke a bowl or two.

BHO – This is the most popular cannabis concentrate found in the market today. It is a subtype of BHO and shatter, some of the first concentrates found on the market. This is the reason why BHO has so many dedicated followers. BHO is crafted using BHO (butane) extraction. Then it goes through a filtration process, which strips it away from any of its impurities. This process is called “purging” and often results in a marijuana extract made without any solvent – Therefore, it becomes safe to consume. This concentrate goes by many different names, including BHO, budder, badder, wax, oil, and shatter. There are plenty of BHO found on marijuana dispensary shelves today. These are all various extracts that came from the same leaf – The only difference between them is their consistency. For example, shatter gets its name thanks to the brittle and thin consistency, making it shatter into tiny little pieces. Meanwhile, Shatter refers to a thin sheet of extract that comes in amber or transparent color. Dark Shatter usually means lower quality and contains impurities from the extraction process. 

Rosin is a concentrate known for its flavor, purity, and potency. Contrary to other concentrates, rosin isn’t extracted with the help of a solvent such as butane. Instead, those who make rosin (or hash rosin, as it’s also known) squeeze the rosin out of plant material such as dried flower and kief with nothing but pressure and heat. But the best kind of rosin today comes from bubble hash. This works when extractors sift a cannabis flower using layer after layer of plastic bubble bags. These bags usually contain tiny holes inside them, which have the same size as a strand of hair. The holes are so tiny that they only let the trichomes in a marijuana plant pass through while withholding the plant matter at the same time. The final result is a viscous or grainy goo.

What is the Advantage of Using a Ceramic Bong?

Compared to glass, ceramic pieces are much more similar to each other than different. The glaze that you’d find on a ceramic bong comprises a thin layer of glass. Cleaning both types is the same thing. All you have to do is apply just a simple solution consisting of mild alcohol and salt. This helps dissolve any resin buildup. But one of the better advantages of using a ceramic bong is that it usually comes in an opaque shape, so it easily hides any embarrassing mess, in case you don’t feel like cleaning it up or just don’t have the time to do so.

Ceramic is also a sturdy material. So a well-fired bong isn’t as fragile as a thicker glass bong. Another difference has got to be the vibes and the aesthetics that these bongs bring. The less refined and all-natural look of clay bongs will retain the better and more soulful quality of bongs, which both feel good in your hands.

How to Smoke Marijuana Through a Bowl?

There are many different ways for you to smoke marijuana, but aside from joints, perhaps there are none as well-known as smoking it through a pipe. Learning how to smoke a bowl, and pack while we’re at it, is an important lesson if you want to take part in several marijuana smoking sessions. 

Whether you are interested in packing marijuana in a pipe to smoke it all by yourself or readying one for a party, learning more about these fundamental principles will help you enhance that true marijuana smoking experience.

Parts of a Ceramic Marijuana Pipe

A marijuana pipe possesses the same key characteristics as a traditional tobacco pipe. The average marijuana pipe consists of the following:

  • A bowl is a rounded basin in which the marijuana nuggets or leaves are packed and then lit up.
  • Chamber – This consists of the space in the middle of the mouthpiece and the bowl. It also serves as the path where the smoke travels.
  • Mouthpiece – The part where you draw the smoke into your lungs. 
  • Carb – This is only an optional piece and doesn’t usually come with a ceramic pipe. It’s a hole located in the side of the pipe, usually near the bowl itself. The carb is covered up then uncovered as a way to regulate the airflow when you begin inhaling the marijuana inside. 

Today, many marijuana pipes are crafted from borosilicate glass (Apart from ceramics). This is because the material is very strong and versatile. But you can also find some crafted from metal and wood. Pipes come in so many sizes and shapes and available, functionalities, and complexities. 

Thanks to its shape, the most common shape of marijuana pipes is known as a “spoon.” These are excellent pipes to use, especially if you’re only new to smoking marijuana. This is because they are easy to use, small, and affordable.

Benefits of Using a Ceramic Pipe

In the case of ceramic pipes, they have been around for centuries. It’s one of the earliest types of smoking pipes. Compared to glass-based ones, these pipes have enjoyed several levels of popularity through the years. Nowadays, they are used to smoking marijuana, and they also look amazing as novelty items. But ceramic pipes are also quite popular for those who ingest marijuana almost daily. 

If you enjoy the look of glass-based pipes but are too scared that they might break, then ceramic pipes are the best for you. These are all crafted from clay instead of glass. And this makes them more durable. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that once you’re done smoking marijuana through a ceramic pipe, you’ll place it somewhere and leave the room. It means that in case you accidentally knock it off a table, you won’t end up feeling scared that your pipe might break once it hits the floor. 

Ceramic is a pipe that is so easy to make – After all, it’s only made from hardened clay. And not only that, but you can also get some pretty nice designs at an affordable price. Some marijuana stores provide their clients with a collection of ceramic pipes, some of which come with coffee mugs or have fun shapes like pineapples, flower vases, cereal bowls, etc. 

You don’t have to exert too much effort to pick a good ceramic pipe to smoke marijuana. A ceramic pipe will also fit your quirks and personality traits. You can show off your pipe as a centerpiece in the middle of your living room or place it on top of a kitchen counter next to some spices. Or you can also use it as a bookshelf décor. The main point is that you no longer have to feel embarrassed about owning a ceramic pipe or hiding it in a cabinet somewhere. 

Cleaning a ceramic pipe is also easy. There are a few easy ways for you to clean a ceramic pipe – One is to acquire a professional pipe cleaner and follow the instructions that come with it. This usually involves soaking the pipe itself inside a combination of the cleaner fluid and water, then rinsing it afterwards. There’s also the method of placing a pinch of salt, rubbing alcohol into the pipe, shaking it and plugging the holes afterward. This will dislodge all resins that get stuck inside the pipe after you smoke it. You can repeat this step a few times until the pipe is completely clean, then rinse it with warm water and allow it to air-dry. 

To clean out resin residue from your ceramic bowl, all you have to do is rub it using an alcohol-soaked cotton swab. The next step would be to follow the same rinse-and-air-dry procedure from the remainder of the pipe. It’s that simple.

Is It Safe to Smoke with a Ceramic Pipe?

Safety is always key concerning ceramics. Ceramics, in general, have been around for so many years now, and they have since become more advanced and safe nowadays. The earliest ceramic pipe was found 3,000 years ago in Africa. So much has changed since then. Nowadays, plenty of materials used for ceramic pipes are made from non-toxic material and are entirely lead-free unless an artist has gone out of their way to create their very own clay or glaze material.

Regarding the base, which is clay, there are three kinds of clay used to make ceramic pipes, and all of them are pretty much free from any harmful chemicals. Plenty of the manufactured glazes used for ceramic pipes is also food-safe. The entire ceramics industry always strives to do what is right to ensure that the pipe makers and smokers are always safe when they interact with any finished pottery. 

So our answer to this question: Yes, ceramic pipes are indeed safe to smoke out – As long as the person who makes them uses only lead-free and non-toxic glazes and clay. They must fire the pieces at the right temperature when creating the pipe. It has to be based on the materials and clay they prefer to use and must only do so as long as the pipe itself, or the water inside the pipe, is also glazed on the inside. Keep in mind that clay itself is quite porous, and it can trap dirt and bacteria when the internal chamber doesn’t have that glaze. 

Talk to the artist or manufacturer if you still have some concerns when purchasing a ceramic pipe or even a glass-based pipe. Don’t hesitate to ask them if the pipes are crafted from safe materials. This way, you can always trust that the brand new ceramic pipes that you use surely value your safety. 

To ensure that you can find the best quality THC or CBD vaporizers in stores, here’s what you have to do:

  • Find some excellent reviews regarding the product. This is an excellent tip if you’re new to using vaporizers, as they can teach you how to use them properly.
  • Check if the site is a legit vaporizer seller. It’s not wise to give your credit card number to an online vendor without reading reviews about their products. 
  • Ask for a reference, if you can. It’s always good to talk to people or sellers you wholeheartedly trust. These people always have the best info for using various vaporizers and know their advantages and disadvantages. 
  • Browse through some marijuana dispensary stores. This is everyone’s favorite method to look for an excellent vaporizer, and it’s also very quick and easy to do.