There is absolutely nothing else that compares to the rush of cannabis edibles for most people taking edibles. When consuming cannabis with THC content, the high might appear to last forever. It is an astonishingly liberated and empowering sensation.

Edibles with high doses can provide a significantly more intense and pleasurable cannabis experience than a fast vape or smoke for some.

However, if the correct dosage is not met, you may experience the most severe adverse effects from cannabis overconsumption, in which there is no quick or easy recovery. Edibles may provide both an intense euphoria and an uncomfortable experience depending on how much you take.

So, how does an edibles dosage chart look, and how many marijuana edibles should you take? Continue reading to learn more.

Edibles dosage chart

The effects you experience after consuming cannabis edibles depend not only on the THC levels and other cannabinoids present. Your THC tolerance also has a significant influence on the experience. It can also depend on your physical measurements, such as your height and weight.

Compared to a smaller individual, a larger person may feel less of an impact from the same cannabis edibles. Your endocannabinoid system and the gastrointestinal variables that influence THC absorption in edibles are unique to you.

What is an edible ideal dose? It depends on how readily you are at becoming stoned and how much THC you ingest regularly. The average edible dose varies a lot from one individual to the next.

One of the primary reasons why it is challenging to create a "one size fits all" cannabis edible dose calculator is because of this.

An experienced user of cannabis edibles with a high tolerance may be quite content to consume cannabis products containing 100mg or more of THC. Many home growers produce more cannabis than they require, and some of their crops may be used to manufacture cannabis concentrates such as cannabis oil.

Some users of cannabis oil, which is also known as hash oil or Rick Simpson Oil, can take a gram or more per day. Cannabis oil can contain up to 60% THC, implying that a 1g dosage might contain hundreds of milligrams of THC. That is a large yet tolerable amount for a standard recreational or medical cannabis user.

A rookie cannabis user with low tolerance, on the other hand, may discover that a 1-2mg dosage is a much better place to start. After all, if the THC dosage was too low on the first try, it can always be raised on the second.

However, remember that consuming an edible in high dosage or too many cannabis products that are too potent for you might result in paranoia and an unpleasant experience that can last for several hours.

One key piece of advice is to refrain from taking edibles regularly. The psychedelic effects of the edible might take up to two hours to manifest. Many unskilled edible users have overindulged because of the time delay after eating and when the entourage effect happens.

This is in contrast to vaping or smoking, which may be noticed within minutes. If you consume too many edibles in very high doses in a short period, you may surpass your safe and standard-dose by the time all edibles have taken effect.

There is not much that can be done at that time to undo the harm except wait for the effects to wear off.

In conclusion, cannabis edibles have the potential to provide intoxicating effects and a powerful euphoria that continue for a long time. However, if the THC does not have the correct dose, the experience may be everything but enjoyable.

What are the mg dose rates for edibles? Below offers a basic idea of the standard dose that most people are familiar with. However, it is worth noting that a small percentage of cannabis edible users prefer exceptionally high THC doses of up to 1000 mg.

Handy edible dosage chart




1 to 2.5mg


Mild body and head symptoms relief

2.5 to 15mg


Stronger symptoms relief and euphoria

15 to 30mg


Strong euphoria with altered perception

30 to 50mg

Very high

Very strong euphoria with other side effects

50 to 100mg

Extremely high

Advisable for THC consumers with high tolerance only

How do you calculate the dose for edibles? The edibles dosage chart above offers a basic idea of the types of effects that you may get. However, take note that this is only a guide.

A cannabis user with high tolerance could be happy to eat considerably more THC than the amounts listed above. It is also worth noting that the length of time that cannabis effects last tends to grow with dose. Someone who ingests a high amount of THC edibles may still experience the effects the next day, even if it has been 24 hours.

When you locate a decent THC edible dosage, the experience may be considerably richer and more enjoyable than you would receive from a vape or a cigarette. That is why a THC edible is considered a luxury item by many cannabis users.

Edible dosage chart FAQs

You are not alone if you're unsure how to dose edibles. Edibles function in a different way than other cannabis products. Even the most seasoned cannabis consumers may be unclear about how much of a cannabis gummy, brownie, or chocolate bar to consume.

However, even though the consumable dosage might be perplexing at first, determining your perfect dosage is simple once you understand what makes edibles unique. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about edible dosage through this edible dosage chart FAQs.

How can I know the proper edible dosage for homemade edible products?

The most critical and sometimes the most challenging task is figuring out how to determine the dose in an edible. The ideal THC edible dose for you is determined by weight and height and your cannabis tolerance.

When it comes to cannabis, generally, the golden rule is to start low and work your way up. If you have little to no side effects, you can up the THC edible dose the next time. Remember that starting with heavy doses is the worst and most dangerous way to handle cannabis edibles.

One common mistake is not allowing enough time for the first cannabis edibles to work on your body and produce effect before moving on to the next. For the best experience, allow 3 hours after eating an edible before trying another. As you take the next one, make sure to proceed with care.

There is no edible dose calculator that depends on your size, THC tolerance, the endocannabinoid system, and gastrointestinal aspects. As a result, every cannabis edible user should start low with a minimal dose and gradually increase it.

Cannabis edibles can be legally purchased from regulated merchants in certain areas within the United States and Canada. There are edibles ranging in strength from 1mg to 1000 mg available.

Most cannabis users prefer a THC edible dosage of between 1 and 100 mg. However, some die-hard edible enthusiasts like to utilize quantities of approximately or even more than 1000mg.

High doses of cannabis oil may often be supplied simply by taking capsules containing the oil. Professionally prepared THC-infused cakes, chocolates, and pastries, on the other hand, can be uncommonly exquisite.

It is worth noting that high THC levels in edibles are only suitable for a limited percentage of the population with a fast metabolism and high tolerances. The event may feel overwhelming to most individuals, far from the pleasant pleasure it should be.

On the other hand, some people are susceptible to THC and feel that a low dose is sufficient for a peaceful and relaxing experience.

How many edibles should I eat?

How many milligrams of THC is a decent dose? The edible dosage table says that between 1-and 100mg of THC is generally suitable for most individuals. However, some may like to push it closer to 1000mg, but a 1g THC dose is likely to last the entire day and may even be felt the next day.

If you reside in a state where cannabis edibles are legal, starting with one dose of a 1-2 mg edible is the best place to start. Don't be tempted to up the dosage too soon. Take your time and experiment with different dosages over numerous sessions to discover the standard doses.

How long will my edible high last?

The duration of your edible high relies on your cannabis tolerance, consumption methods, and physiological parameters, including your height and weight and your gastric or intestinal issues.

Many edible aficionados appreciate a powerful high that lasts for several hours. But the dose will still differ from one usage to the next. For consumers with a very high tolerance, an edible dosage of 500-1000 mg can be appropriate. With such a high concentration of THC, the edible high might continue all day, with effects lasting into the next day.

What will happen if I make edibles by mixing CBD and THC?

Some cannabis enthusiasts believe that the addition of CBD to their edibles makes for a more pleasant experience. The high can be more rounded, making it less 'edgy' and more pleasurable for certain people.

However, note that CBD edible dose, like THC, is highly dependent on a person's physiology and previous cannabis use or experience. Moreover, since CBD isn't psychoactive, you won't experience the same side effects as you would with THC.

CBD oil may be purchased online or in a health store if you wish to add CBD to your edibles. It can be easily added to your recipe in a controlled manner. You can also opt to purchase CBD-rich cannabis seeds and grow your harvest, which you can then turn into edibles.

You may compare the impact of progressively increasing doses of CBD in your consumable with cautious preparation. If you appreciate 10mg THC edibles, you might want to compare the effects of taking differing quantities of CBD with it on separate days. Although this is a personal preference, some users prefer a 1:1 CBD: THC ratio.

What if I consume too many edibles?

What happens if you consume a high-dose edible too potent for you? Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do except attempt to remain cool and relaxed while waiting for the effects to wear off. If you miscalculated how much THC you should put in, this might take many hours. A simple way out of the dilemma is to get some sleep and wait for the effects to wear off.

What is the best edible out there?

One of the best edibles out there is the Kratom edibles. These are kratom-infused foods that are delectable and come in various shapes and sizes. Kratom milkshakes, kratom-infused acai bowls, and even chocolate chip kratom cookies are among the most popular DIY kratom foods. Let us give you a short Kratom 101 below.

Kratom is a kind of tree. Its leaves can be used for both medicinal and recreational purposes. The leaves are chewed or consumed as tea to boost mood and increase physical endurance as a recreational drug. It can also be used to treat anxiety, cough, depression, diabetes, diarrhea, high blood pressure, and alleviate opiate withdrawal symptoms.

As you may know, kratom's effects are caused by its chemical components called alkaloids. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine are two alkaloids found in kratom. Once consumed, these alkaloids engage internal receptors to activate kratom's soothing, energizing, and other positive effects.

These alkaloids enter your system through metabolic digestion when consuming a kratom edible. Take a look at how to produce your kratom edibles after learning the ins and outs of what makes a kratom edible! Almost everything can be converted into a delightful kratom-infused edible. But keep in mind that kratom has an earthy flavor. Thus, some recipes may not work well with kratom's flavor.

Nevertheless, here is a list of products and recipes that you can use when making kratom edibles:

Kratom-infused baked goods

Combine kratom powder with the dry ingredients in your recipe, whether you want to make a cookie, cake, or brownie. Remember that wet and dry ingredients must be mixed separately. Combine kratom powder with other ingredients such as flour, baking powder, sugar, or anything else in your recipe.

Kratom-infused milkshakes

Kratom powder may be added immediately to a drink, milkshake, or smoothie. As simple as that! It's okay to use uncooked kratom powder in any drink, milkshake, or smoothie recipe.

Kratom-infused gummies

Gummy bears and other gummy candies are popular edible infusions. In a gummy recipe, combine your kratom with sugar. It doesn't get much easier than that!


The most important thing for anyone new to cannabis edibles is to start with one dose and analyze the experience before moving on to a high-dose edible. A cannabis edible's high builds over time, providing hours of delight, happiness, and physical relaxation.

Optimal edible dosage is a hard pleasure to beat for many cannabis users. Find the THC level that works best for you and resist the urge to overindulge. Growing your pot from seeds or feminized seeds at home is the cheapest way to create the cannabis oil or cannabutter used in many culinary recipes.

If you're planning a harvest anytime soon, look at our cannabis seed selection and top kratom strains here at Apotheca. Best of luck!