Like us humans, our pets deserve products that promote their well-being. It’s our responsibility to look after their welfare especially when they are sick. Our usual practice is visiting a veterinary clinic and using prescription drugs for their treatment. But did you know that there are now natural and safer alternatives? CBD extracts that come in the forms of edibles, oils, and tinctures have become popular these days among pet owners. They can be more effective and practical compared with common drugs out there. 


Cannabinoids (CBD) and other properties in hemp-derived products are known to have therapeutic effects. You can use the compounds for chronic pain, anxiety, irritable bowel disease, and many others. It provides healing to several medical conditions, but with proper use, of course. As you consult your veterinarian about this option, you might get a CBD tincture as a recommendation. This is a potent form of CBD that might work best for your pet’s health condition. Learn more about this product and give your pets what they truly deserve. 


What Is CBD Tincture? CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoid compounds in the hemp plant. The substance is extracted through chemical processes and made in several forms. A tincture is one of those products derived from CBD extracts. Others include oil, wax, edibles, and more. CBD tinctures are the result of soaking herbs in a liquid and are usually stored in a glass bottle with a dropper. You can use this substance sublingually or under the tongue to treat certain medical conditions.


The process of creating tinctures involves steeping plant material in alcohol for several weeks, resulting in a highly concentrated solution. It may either be pure, or some manufacturers would add ingredients, like sweeteners, that give the final product with or without alcohol. CBD tinctures are used interchangeably with CBD oil. But tinctures are essentially highly concentrated CBD extract that may be more easily absorbed and act more quickly in the body. 


How to Use CBD Tincture for Pets


There are several ways to administer CBD hemp oil to your dog or cat. It’s important to choose the right delivery method that works best for a given medical condition. Your choice of pet CBD products may also depend on other factors, such as your pet’s behaviour. But generally, any of the following methods may be used for this purpose: 

  • Place CBD Tincture Directly in the Mouth 


Direct placement of CBD in the mouth of your pet is considered one of the easiest and effective ways to administer the substance. It’s because your dog or cat will get the exact amount of the recommended dose. Most of the CBD tinctures come with specific dosage or could be based on the number of drops, the severity of your medical condition, and the weight or size of your furry friend. 


To administer using this method properly, you have to draw the tincture and move carefully to your pet’s mouth. Be careful as you ingest the substance to avoid making your pet gag or aggressive. You have to slowly squeeze in the recommended drops using a dropper. It’s best to give your pet a treat after ingestion to ensure that they swallow everything. 



  • Mix CBD Tincture with Your Pet Food


If there’s one thing in common among pets, it’s that they love food. You can take advantage of this behaviour to easily feed them with CBD oil tincture. The substance may be needed to maintain their health or treat certain medical conditions. All you have to do is mix the tincture with their favourite meal. This method usually works because the taste of CBD is masked with the flavour of food. 


Dry foods are preferable for this purpose as wet foods don’t thoroughly blend with this organic compound. When you mix the hemp seed oil, start by using a smaller dose. As time goes by, you can gradually increase the amount of tincture. It’s important that when adding dog CBD oil to food, give it a few minutes to soak in. After that, you can go ahead and feed your pet. 


  • Dilute CBD Tincture with Water


CBD tincture is usually tasteless and odourless, which means that you can dilute the substance in water. It’s a good alternative when placing tincture under the tongue doesn’t work with your pet. You can simply add the product into your pet’s water, but make sure that you follow the right dosage to achieve optimum efficacy and avoid any adverse reactions. It’s quite effective when your dog or cat is super thirsty. But if your pet doesn’t drink water frequently, you need to be mindful of replacing the water every time which can affect dosing. 


  • Present CBD Tincture as A Treat 


You can develop a habit in your pet where you no longer have to mix the substance with food or water or place it directly in the mouth. This is by presenting CBD pet products as a normal treat or reward for good behaviours. When done habitually, your dog or cat can associate CBD with something positive. Most treats are generally in the form of cookies and biscuits infused with CBD. All you have to do is place the required drops on the treat and leave it a few minutes to absorb. 


There’s a recent study that found 2 mg of CBD-infused soft chew results in a 96.7% acceptance rate when given twice daily. However, don’t add CBD tincture to baked treats as the baking process may lead to the evaporation of the substance. Your pet won’t get the benefits in this case. It’s also important to talk to your vet first before giving your pet a CBD-infused treat, especially when they have some health issues. 


Pet Health Problems that Tincture May Treat 


CBD tinctures are usually administered to dogs, cats, and other animals to treat certain medical conditions. Many pet owners find this product safer and more practical due to its organic properties and lower cost. If you’re considering this substance as an alternative medication drug, here are the most common health problems that CBD tincture may treat: 



  • Anxiety 


Some breeds of dogs are predisposed to develop anxiety. This may be triggered by some external factors, such as environmental conditions or being separated from the owner for some time. Common signs of anxiety include licking, panting, pacing, hiding, trembling, barking, and urinating. To help their pets cope with anxiety, there are pet owners who use CBD tincture because it offers calming effects on animals, as studies found. The effective doses are at 2.5 mg, 5 mg, and 10 mg that can reduce anxiety behaviours. Higher doses are found to have a less significant effect. 


  • Pain, Inflammation, and Soreness


Dogs and cats have different responses to pain, inflammation, and soreness caused by injury, chronic illness, or age. Sometimes your pet may show more subtle signs of pain by withdrawing from social contact or moving reluctantly. If you notice these behaviours, you can use full-spectrum CBD oil to relieve pain and inflammation, allowing your pet to increase activity and sociability. When adequately dosed, several studies found that CBD can reduce such medical conditions. You may need to talk to your vet for proper dosing.


  • Osteoarthritis 


Clinical studies on CBD treatment in osteoarthritis among dogs found that 2 mg of the substance administered twice a day can significantly reduce pain and increase activity. This alternative medication caused little to no side effects compared to common prescription drugs. In fact, our HFN Pet Tincture has become a natural remedy for dogs that suffer from this medical condition. It also offers the easiest method for dosing and allows for quick absorption. 


  • Epilepsy 


As one study found, using a CBD tincture of 2.5 mg daily can reduce seizure frequency by over 30%. This treatment generally has no adverse behavioural effects, but precautions should still be observed, as there’s a chance of developing ataxia. When administering this substance, proper dosing should be followed. You can ask your vet about that. More studies have proven that CBD is effective in helping treat epilepsy among dogs. 


Possible Side Effects of CBD Tincture 


The effects of CBD tincture vary for every dog, cat, or pet you have. It’s important to observe how the substance affects your pal, right after the substance is administered. This is because overdosing or improper use may result in adverse reactions. Some of the possible side effects that you have to watch out for are the following: 


  • Drowsiness - giving your dog higher doses of CBD tincture might make them feel sleepy. That’s why it’s important to administer the right amount of the substance, usually based on your pet’s weight. If you notice drowsiness after ingestion, make sure to lower the dose. 
  • Dry Mouth - another side effect of CBD tincture is dry mouth. The substance can reduce saliva production, making your pet very thirsty. Again, proper dosing should be observed to avoid serious interactions. 
  • Lowered Blood Pressure - your pet may also become light-headed if the CBD tincture causes their blood pressure to drop. While this is temporary, you should always consider talking to your vet to ensure safe administration. 
  • Vomiting - although not very common, it’s possible that vomiting may occur after administering CBD to your pet. If this happens, stop giving your dog CBD and contact your vet for proper treatment. 
  • Soft Stool - yeah, it’s a bit unpleasant. If you notice that the stool of your pet becomes soft, you should immediately lower the dose or stop using CBD tincture. The substance may not be safe for your pet if that’s the case. Ask your vet for the best alternative. 






Proper Dosing of CBD tincture for Pets


Regardless of the delivery method or form of CBD, it’s important to observe the right dosage when administering the substance to your pet. There is no universal dosage, so it’s up to you how much to give to your dog or cat. But there are crucial factors that can serve as a basis to determine the right dosage. They include the following:


  • Weight of your pet
  • The severity of the medical condition
  • Other factors such as digestion, the food they ate, etc.


When you consider weight as the primary basis, the general rule is 1-3 mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight. That means if your dog weighs 30lb, you can start at 3mg of CBD and scale up to 9 mg as needed. 


However, since each dog or cat is different, there’s no single dose that fits all pets. It might take some experimenting to find the right dosage. But since CBD is safe and natural, it’s okay to make multiple attempts to figure things out. In some cases, your pet will show some behaviours that the substance is making them feel better. So, as a pet owner, you have to be observant as you administer the substance. 


How to Buy the Right CBD Tincture 


If you decide to try CBD tincture as a treatment for your pets, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying the product. Basically, not all brands are the same in terms of quality and efficacy. But if you know what you’re looking for, you can get the right choice. 


  • Look for organic products - you have to check the source of CBD tincture because there are products that may contain pesticides, fungicides, or solvents. It’s safe to look for organic products or those that don’t have harmful chemicals. 
  • Check the certificate of analysis - one indicator of quality CBD products is they have been lab-tested by independent parties. A reputable manufacturer should provide the results and the certificate pertaining to the CBD and other chemical contents in the product. 
  • Buy CBD as a liquid - there are now many dog treats containing CBD, but the best form to administer is the tincture. It allows you to adjust the dosage drop by drop.
  • Don’t just focus on price -  higher quality and purity of the CBD product are usually associated with an expensive cost. While the cheaper option may contain toxic contaminants. But that’s not true in all cases. You have to do your research about the manufacturer and the product. 





Where to Buy CBD Tincture for Pets 


You can shop online for CBD tinctures for your pets. This is the quickest and most convenient way of buying the product, in the comfort of your home. But this should be done wisely as not all stores out there are reputable. Make sure that you shop at the right place that could guarantee quality items. 


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