Apotheca - The Best Smoke Shop in North Carolina

Apotheca is one of the best and most prominent suppliers of quality marijuana products and accessories across North Carolina and all of our services and knowledge are scientifically-backed which extends to raising awareness of cannabis-derived products, the proper use of and their effects. 

Since there are bad products out there, we aim to deliver only the best marijuana and cannabis-based products from various sources in and around legalized states including some of the best manufacturers such as Concentrated Concepts, Hemps, and Pharma CBD. 

What is a Smoke Shop?

Superior to a simple smoke shop that is there to just sell products, here at Apotheca we are passionate about both providing quality cannabis/marijuana products and accessories, and educating our customers. As such we aim to deliver an exceptional service to anyone who steps through our doors. 

Not only will we offer expert guidance on the best and most suitable products for you but we will educate and inform you about everything we stock. In addition, you will find detailed descriptions of all of our products and ranges across our vast online store - making us the best smoke shop in North Carolina.

Some of the products and services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Expert advice

  • Suggestions and guidance

  • A friendly and warm atmosphere

  • A range of CBD oils and products

  • Delta-8 THC products

  • Kratom products

  • Hookah sets

As the US’s best legal cannabis and marijuana service and products provider you can find us in multiple locations throughout North Carolina, with many of our stores located in multiple locations across the state:

  • Greensboro

  • Cornelius

  • Asheville

  • Winston-Salem

  • Charlotte

Please feel free to visit any of these stores and our expert staff will be happy to accommodate any queries or assist with any sales. More details below.

Our Mission

For us, cannabis-derived products and services aren’t viewed purely as a business construct but rather a dedicated and passionate mission to ensure that each and every customer that comes into any of our North Carolina stores not only gets the help to find what they are looking for, but our medically-backed knowledge will be able to help you with any issues that you may have via a completely holistic and therapeutic approach to marijuana-based products.

When you visit an Apotheca store, it will be difficult not to notice just how vibrant the atmosphere is before being greeted by a friendly expert member of our staff. All of our employees are trained and are knowledgeable about cannabis and its derivative products from both study and experience, which means that they are more than useful when it comes to advising and informing.

What We Offer

The world of legal cannabis is a growing industry in some states and since it has been legalized there is a large amount of variation in products. Both our online and physical stores all offer a vast array of cannabis accessories ranging from bongs, pipes, dab rigs, and other products to a wide selection of cannabis-based varieties.

Not only do we offer THC, hemp, and Kratom, there are also many alternatives for those looking for less obvious or holistic remedies like hemp flower as one of the best things about cannabis is that it can be consumed in various forms as well as smoking with popular vaping pens. As such, there are many smoke-free variations of cannabis for you to enjoy including chocolate and candy, CBD oil, and vaporizers.

If you don't know much about cannabis or any of the accessories on offer, then feel free to ask any questions which any one of our amazing sales team will be all too happy to answer.

Where You Can Find Us

Apotheca is committed to making it easy for all of our customers to find us and in addition to an extensive online store, we are situated at multiple locations all over North Carolina:


Greensboro is currently home to 2 excellent Apotheca smoke shops.

Apotheca Greensboro, NC

At this smoke shop in Greensboro, our expert team handpicks and researches every product in stock, all of which are tested for quality in terms of efficacy, flavor, aroma, and strength. Everything from CBD oil, Delta-8 THC edibles, and tinctures, and Kratom is available.

Address: 2601 B, Battleground Ave, Greensboro, NC 27408, United States
Phone: +13362824477

Open 10 am to 9 pm, Mon-Sun

The Hookah Hookup Greensboro, NC

As our second smoke shop in Greensboro, this location offers only the very best hookahs and accessories to suit all smoking requirements. Various shapes, sizes, and materials are available for all your favorite shisha flavors such as Fantasia and Starbuzz.

Address: 1827 Spring Garden St A, Greensboro, NC 27403, United States
Phone: +13362857516

Open 10 am to 9 pm, Sun - Thur and 10 am to 10 pm Fri & Sat.


At the moment, we only operate one smoke shop in Cornelius.

Apotheca Cornelius, NC

Our only smoke shop in Cornelius stocks everything from CBD and THC products to cannabis edibles, hookahs and kratom. All products are of the highest quality and are hand-picked by our extremely efficient staff with expert knowledge on all marijuana products.

Address: 19905 W Catawba Ave 104 A, Cornelius, NC 28031, United States
Phone: +17048971708

Open 10 am to 9 pm, Mon-Sun.


We currently have 2 great smoke shops for you to choose from in Asheville.

Apotheca Asheville, NC

One of our best, this smoke shop in Asheville stocks the very best hookahs and accessories as well as CBD, THC products, cannabis edibles, and kratom. All forms are available including tinctures, vapes, topicals, hemp flower and pet products.

Address: 3106 Sweeten Creek Rd Unit C, Asheville, NC 28803, United States
Phone: +18282227242

Open 10 am to 10 pm, Mon-Sun.

The Hookah Hookup Asheville, NC

Probably the best one-stop smoke shop in Asheville for all your hookah and smoking needs, this fine establishment not only has some of the most educated staff available, but you will be hard-pushed to find something that we don’t stock. CBD, THC, and the best hookahs around can be found here.

Address: 85 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28801, United States
Phone: +18282524111

Open 10 am to 8 pm, Sun-Thurs and 10 am to 10 pm Fri & Sat.


There is currently just one smoke shop operating in Winston-Salem.

The Hookah Hookup Winston Salem, NC

As our only smoke shop in Winston-Salem, this branch stocks everything you need from cannabis products such as CBD and THC to accessories like hookahs and dab kits. Vaporizers, pipes, scales, and grinders are also available.

Address: 805 B Silas Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem, NC 27127, United States
Phone: +13367226393

Open 10 am to 9 pm, Sun to Thurs and 10 am to 10 pm Fri & Sat. 


At the moment, we only have 1 smoke shop in operation throughout Charlotte.

Apotheca Charlotte Regional, NC

Just because it's the only Apotheca smoke shop in Charlotte, that doesn't mean it's lacking for anything. This store has everything such as all necessary accessories and the best CBD and THC, vape products, pre-rolls, and delicious edibles like gummies as well as pet products.

Address: 1801 Yorkmont Rd Building B Space 10, Charlotte, NC 28217, United States
Phone: +17042800597

Open 10 am to 4 pm Tue & Wed, 10 am to 5 pm Thurs & Fri and 7 am to 5 pm Sat. Closed Sun & Mon.

Please note that the delivery of cannabis products is only allowed in certain states in the USA.