4-Piece Herb Grinder - Magnetic - 2.2" - Brushed Aluminum - 3 Colors

Brand: Apotheca
  • 4-piece aluminum herb grinder
  • Magnetic connections on all pieces
  • Brushed anodized aluminum
  • Triangle-shaped cutting teeth
  • Kief chamber with removable screen
  • Neodymium magnet in lid top
  • Kief scraper included
  • Three colors
    • Black
    • Green
    • Silver

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3 Color choices

  • Black
  • Green
  • Silver

The best herb grinder

Perfect for smaller or arthritic hands, all 4 pieces of this grinder are ergonomic, with powerful neodymium magnets holding all pieces together. Notches in the corners of this square grinder let fingers easily separate pieces (as opposed to many turns with unscrewing).

All four corners are notched for easy use. The cool thing about quick-release pieces is their modular ability. So, if you don't want to use the largest Chamber piece, which helps collect kief (see below), you can just use three pieces instead for a fast grind.

Also, anodized aluminum is color infused, so each model will never fade. The brushed metal looks like a matte finish and feels great in hand, especially when shredding premium flower!

Pieces of a grinder

The Apotheca herb grinder truy shines with precision machine-cut parts. This perfect design benefits all four pieces -

  • Lid
  • Grinder
  • Stash Collector
  • Kief Chamber

How herb grinders work

There are strong neodymium magnets in the top Lid, holding it on more securely. Also, there are precision cut, triangular shredding teeth in the Lid as well as lower Grinder parts. These top and bottom teeth are perfectly shaped and spaced for smooth, gliding performance that shreds the toughest bud to powder with just a few twists of the wrists.

Load the Grinder

Buds will typically fit, but if you are lucky enough to have oversized nuggets, break down to smaller pieces by hand. Then smoosh each bud into the Grinder piece's teeth, inserting as far as possible into the lower space with a press of the thumb.

Shredding flower

Place the lid on top of the bottom piece to align edges. Compress the pieces slightly, then twist in opposite directions with bigger turns each time, shredding back and forth several times until the grinder pieces glide together easily.

Perfect grind

Meshing perfectly together, top and bottom teeth turn dense buds into light, fluffy piles. Once organic matter is ground to small enough pieces, they fall through the holes and into the Stash chamber!

Kief chamber

In the grinder's middle Stash Collector area, the 'floor' is a removable kief screen. This fine mesh steel screen sifts and separates the plant's potent, dried material (terpenes and trichomes), from the edge of the ground cannabis. It falls through and collects slowly in the chamber below.

What is kief

Kief (also called 'pollen) is the stuff hash is made from. It's concentrated, so this fine kief powder can be compacted to a solid consistency or just scooped into a joint or on top of a packed bowl for extra oomph.

Apotheca dispensary smoke shop accessories

Apotheca offers several types of herb grinders to meet individual needs, so you may want to consider one for home and one for away use. There are inexpensive, well designed, highly portable and the overall best acrylic grinder online (complete with a storage chamber in the lid!). Apotheca also has a round 2.5" herb grinder with easy twist lock connections- no more twisting to unlock at all!

Apotheca knows a perfect, fluffy grind is essential, no matter how you use it. It's key whether loading up a vaporizer, rolling a doobie, stuffing a cone or packing a bowl on your favorite pipe. Perfectly ground flower releases the full terpene profile for the best tastes and smoothest use with the least waste.

Grinding weed also helps separate any material you don't want to smoke, like seeds and/or stems, should they be there. Also, this should be done before grinding because anything will be shredded once inside the grinder.

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