Wunderkind - CBD Pain Freeze Roll On - 3oz/500mg

Brand: Peacock Labs
  • 3oz/500mg organic CBD roll on gel
  • 850mg total full spectrum cannabinoids
  • Transdermal and liposomal absorption
  • Extracted from USA grown cannabis
  • Effective tool for chronic pain
  • Organic and non GMO
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CBD Roll On Gel - Pain Master - Apotheca.org Ships!Wunderkind - CBD Pain Freeze Roll On - 3oz/500mg

The 3oz/500mg Wunderkind CBD Pain Freeze Roll On delivers topical relief right where you need it- at the lipid level! It's a hand-made gel made of organic hemp-derived goodness. It's transdermal and liposomal for excellent absorption. This Wunderkind formula is high in CBD, but, unlike cheaper topicals that use an isolate, also has a full spectrum of other complex cannabinoids. This full spectrum of compounds works together in an 'entourage effect,' making this rollon pain reflief gel greater than the sum of its parts.

CBD has very effective healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Chronic muscle pain from a consistent workout regimen or health related problem gets real relief, rolled on easily! Especially as we age, healing from muscle soreness and tightness means a CBD topical can be a great addition to your overall wellness and recovery.

The best portable CBD

The wide array of products can make it hard to find the right product. To alleviate my chronic pain caused by tight neck, traps, and lower back muscles, or for elderly people with daily chronic pain, the CBD pain freeze gel works wonders! In part, this is because the wonderful formula is only made better with premium ingredients.

The Wunderkind CBD Pain Freeze Roll On is organic, seed to shelf. It's non GMO, grown by USA cannabis grow experts and the rollon is handmade. Care in product design is clear because it's easy to pinpoint this 500mg of CBD just where the body needs it! Then, the ball applicator and screw on cap protect the rest of the CBD gel, keeping it fresh for the next time it's needed. It’s small enough to throw in a purse or gym bag, making it portable and convenient.

Using rollon CBD

The Pain Master roll-on applicator also makes it easy to self-apply, even in hard-to-reach areas like the back of the neck, traps and lower back. The roll-on applicator does a great job at applying the gel liberally yet efficiently to the affected areas with no messy runoff, and applying pressure is a bonus as it just feels good on sore muscles when applied with slight pressure.

Unique pain relief formula

Pain Master’s unique formula outpaces all competition! It includes 500mg of CBD as well as 850mg of total phyto (plant based) cannabinoids for that entourage effect. This is an important distinction. Most CBD topicals use isolate extract, just CBD, which lacks the effects of a complete phyto-cannabinoid profile.

On top of the best CBD, the pain freeze gel recipe includes tea tree oil, organic aloe vera and organic arnica phenoxyethanol. These ingredients work together synergistically for a holistic wellness approach. The gel does hold a slight menthol-like aroma, but nowhere near as strong as old school Vicks or Tiger’s Balm. The lighter menthol scent is invigorating to the senses. The CBD gel is also cool to the touch, providing instant, cooling sensation.

We recommendation

Overall, Wunderkind’s Pain Master offers very effective, fast-acting topical relief that is perfect for consumers old and young. It's also easy enough to use for just about any hands to self medicate, at the dermal level and beyond to those aching muscles! 

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