Grav Small Beaker Black

Carb: F
Comes with: 10mm Cup Bowl
Designed by: Stephan Peirce
Filtration type: Fission Downstem
Joint: 10mm
Length height: 6"
Use with: Flower

Availability: In stock

The GRAV® Beaker Water Pipe is 6" tall and made on 25mm tubing. Its fission downstem diffuses smoke through water and is fixed inside the pipe to prevent damage.The beaker comes ready to use with a 10mm GRAV® Cup Bowl and functions best with approximately 1.25" of water.this basic, yet beautiful bong is a clear winner among other GRAV products.

When it's time to conduct your ultra important experiments in greenery, only the GRAV® Small Beaker with Black Accents will do. The beautiful clear glass with black accents allows you to see all the inner workings of your lab project. This water pipe includes a fission downstem that diffuses smoke through water and is fixed in place to prevent damage. 

6 Inches
Beaker Base
Clear Glass
Diffused Downstem
Ground Joint
Includes Downstem
Includes Bowl
Removable Downstem
Scientific Glass
Straight Neck
Thick Glass
Traditional style
Water Pipe

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