Grav Rocker Streamroller w/ Silicone Skin

  • 5.5" in length
  • Borosilicate glass Rocker Steamroller wrapped in food-grade silicone
  • Great hand feel and ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Self-supporting between uses
  • Silicone skin guards against breakage
  • Available in 5 bright silicone colors
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The GRAV Rocker is an interesting pipe indeed. It's made in a way that is very interactive. You can spin it and rock it back and forth and it will stay quite stable. If you enjoy fiddling with your pipe its a great hand pipe. The body is a curved hollow structure so its a steamroller of sorts.

The silicone sleeve around this pipe makes it doubly durable from drops and tumbles. The mouthpiece also adds an ash-catcher to it to make your smoke sessions smoother.

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