Restore Essentials THC-Free Tincture 1200mg $0.062/mg

Brand: Sana Botanicals

-Isolate Based Hemp Oil
-Infused with essential Oil Blends
-Made using 100% federally legal hemp

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Restore Your Body
Sana's Restore Essentials tincture is blend of concentrated hemp extract and hemp seed oil, infused with essential oils achamomile, hops, lavender, rosemary, and sweet orange oil to enhance relaxation. This particular blend of CBD extract, hemp seed oil, and essential oils may help with chronic discomfort, stress, and anxiety. This isolated CBD tincture is THC-free.

About Sana Botanicals
Sana Botanicals crafts CBD products in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee. The company was founded by a Gulf War veteran who wanted to provide natural relief to others. Their products are specially formulated blends of hemp extract and organic essential oils that can help reduce stress, calm, and ease pain. Their U.S.-grown hemp is refined and blended using all natural ingredients and production processes.

Sana products are made with legal hemp flowers and are in compliance with all state and federal regulations. Their products are crafted with a potent, proprietary hemp extract that is rich with CBD.

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