Remarkable Herbs Kava 1oz

Remarkable Herbs Kava is some of the best on the market. Tested for key alkaloid contents as well as for purity; this is a premium product if you are looking to try Kava. Often mixed in a drink from, kava can produce pain relieving and sedating properties as well as bring on a sense of euphoria.
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  • Remarkable Herbs Kava are sourced many years in advance
  • All Remarkable Herbs Kava products are 7 year plants Lateral root only, (this makes these products better in quality over many extracts found on the market)
  • No aerial part of the plant is used (the aerial part of the plant has toxins)
  • Kavalactones profiles from strain to strain can be significantly different. This can almost cause opposing affects.
  • Highest Quality
  • All Natural
  • Never Adulterated
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