Puffco Proxy Electric Dab Pipe - 2 Colors

Brand: Puffco
  • Portable electric dab pipe
  • Simple to use, sleek design
  • Four optimized heat settings
  • Replaceable Puffco 3D chamber
  • Silicone encased chamber, w cap
  • Interchangeable Puffco Proxy parts

Don't just experience hash. Explore it.

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Puffco Proxy Electric Dab Pipe - Black | Apotheca.org BEST PUFFCO, FREE SHIPPING!*Best e-pipe

Buy the Puffco Proxy Electric Dab Pipe - 2 Colors, at an Apotheca dispensary near you, or online for BEST E-PIPES, FREE SHIPPING!* This legendary portable dab pipe features incredible design, materials and performance!

Don't just experience hash. Explore it.

This premium dab pipe has a great design and it all starts with the glass!

  • Black
  • Desert

The best dab sesh is sleek, powerful and portable. With the Puffco Proxy, flavor rules, waste is kept to a minimum and the perfect dab comes with the press of a button!

Puffco Proxy kit

The best portable dab pipe sits inside a custom hard-shell Puffco case. There's storage space for the silicone-encased heating chamber, the Bent boro glass pipe, and everything necessary their handy cleaning swabs.


The kit comes with all tools needed for the perfect dab sesh, minus the hash.

The case makes it totally portable,
but the proxy is also a great house pipe!


Included in the Puffco Proxy kit are the Proxy base, Proxy Pipe, Oculus Carb Cap, Loading Tool, Dual Tool (5-pack), USB-C Cable and the hardshell Carrying Case.


Everything about the Proxy is made for peak performance through durable design.

  • Hard-shell case
  • High performance ceramic chamber
  • Housed in indestructible silicone.
  • Tough borosilicate Bent glass pipe
  • Delivers in both simple (yet powerful) form and function


The Proxy e-pipe comes in two forever colors, captured in durable borosilicate glass. Created for scientific purposes, boro glass is strong, break and chip resistant, shatterproof, easy to clean and inert, so it will never degrade or affect the flavor of dab vapor.

Puffco products have a glass coating designed with your complete safety in mind. It meets the requirements for a medical device.


The Proxy glass was designed for simple, effective use. The shape is like a traditional Bent-style pipe, the Proxy sits easy in hand, dabbing with amazing ease.


Enjoy bigger, better tasting hits with Proxy’s 3D Chamber. Our innovative ceramic bowl uses patented technology to preserve your terpenes and cannabinoids.


There are four pre-set optimized heat settings, color coded for easy use. 

For low-temp dabs, these settings capture all the flavor at the low end, and maximize effect and minimize waste with higher temps. 

It's easy to change between temps too, with the press of a button.


The Proxy heating chamber removes easily and can be used in other Proxy gear like the Droplet water pipe or the silicone travel pipe.

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