Puffco Proxy Droplet - Glass Water Pipe

Brand: Puffco
  • Puffco Proxy series water pipe
  • Fits the Puffco Proxy chamber
  • Hand-blown borosilicate glass
  • Durable scientific glass parts
  • Ocean Blue diffuser downstem
  • An authentic Puffco product

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The ocean blue percolator is hand-blown borosilicate glass, displayed within a clear, gradient-frosted body. Flowing seamlessly between form and function, the Droplet fits comfortably in your hand and on any surface in your home. 

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Puffco Proxy Droplet - Glass Water Pipe | Apotheca.org FREE SHIPPING!*Best Puffco Proxy dab rig

Buy the powerful Puffco Proxy Droplet Glass Dab Rig at an Apotheca dispensary near you, or online for FREE SHIPPING!* This premium piece completes the Proxy line as the best glass dab rig. The Droplet has great design, powerful performance and premium materials to make the best e-rig available.

Deliver the greatest hits and take dabs to the next level. Get the Proxy Flower bowl and make this beautiful setup a grass master. Classic Puffco design is tops in the industry for a reason. Interchangeable parts is why the Droplet is a must have to round out your great Proxy sesh gear.

Works well with other Proxy Gear

  • Puffco Proxy Chamber (NOT included, but needed for either herb or oil)
  • Puffco Hot Knife Electric Dabber (NOT included, but a must have for butter smooth dabbing)
  • Puffco Proxy Flower Bowl (NOT included but a must for flower power)
  • Puffco Proxy Ball Cap (NOT included, but a great, see-thru directional airflow carb cap)
  • Puffco Proxy Carb Cap & Tether (you guessed it, NOT included but GREAT for travel)
  • Puffco Proxy Travel Pipe (once again... works with this travel pipe's chamber)

Puffco Proxy Droplet - Glass Water Pipe | Apotheca.org FREE SHIPPING!*Borosilicate glass, Puffco design

The Puffco Droplet features scientific grade borosilicate glass for the water pipe body and the blue, drop-shaped diffuser down stem. Boro glass is strong and easy to shape perfectly. So, the Droplet's diffuser downstem has perfect designed slits to  stack bubbles beautifully, cooling vapor (or smoke) just for the smoothest hits.

Created for scientific labs, boro glass can go from the freezer to the fire without losing integrity or affecting flavor. Scientific glass is also chip and break-resistant as well as shatterproof.

Best of all, this durable material is easy to shape perfectly for great handling. And inert glass cleans up easily too with store-bought cleaner, rock salt and lemon juice, or just a simple isopropyl bath.

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*Shipping restrictions may apply. we ship only where legal.

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