Puffco Dual Tool - Wooden Dab Swab Tool - 50pk

Brand: Puffco
  • (50) Puffco Dual Tool 2-in-1 dab tool
  • Wooden cotton swab and dab tool
  • Hard-edged dab tool + cotton swab
  • Natural hardwood shaft is great dabber
  • Organic cotton swab side for oil mopping
  • Biodegradable dab tool when composted

NOTE: Compatible with the Puffco Peak Travel Pack Kit!

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Puffco Dual Tool - Wooden Dab / Swab Tool - 50pk | Apotheca.org for FREE DELIVERY!*Puffco Dual Tool for dabs

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The best dab tool

The Puffco Dual Tool is the perfect two-in-one Peak companion! A hardwood body, one side is a hard-edged loading tool for scooping dabs and scraping the corners of your nail.

The other side is an organic cotton swab that's great for cleaning the ceramic bowl by mopping up the residue that can ruin flavor.

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