NuLeaf Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

-Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract
-Made using 100% federally legal organic hemp
-Available in 4 different sizes/milligram options

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract
NuLeaf Naturals uses a proprietary two pass CO2 extraction method that doesn't use heat or solvents to yield the highest grade hemp extract. All hemp used is non-GMO, 100% organic and hand selected from farms in Colorado. There are approximately 300 drops total in the convenient this sized bottle. This size is also perfect for a sample to test to see how it works for you.

About NuLeaf
NuLeaf Naturals products are produced from specifically bred therapeutic Cannabis Sativa plant grown on an organic farms in Colorado. All products are whole-plant extractions and are not synthetic or isolate.

NuLeaf Naturals has an advance cloning program that ensures the natural genetic strainers are safer and have unmatched efficacy and consistency. NuLeaf Naturals is proud to be involved in their products from farm to finish.

NuLeaf Naturals uses a specialized CO2 extraction system in two stages that preforms a "fractional extraction" first at lower pressures then the second extraction at a higher pressure to extract the full range of essential oils, cannabinoids, and terpenes to create the highest potency blend without heat or solvents.

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