MIT45 Gold - Kratom Capsules - 6ct

Brand: MIT45

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  • (6) 150mg Mitragyna Speciosa extract
  • 900mg total kratom per 6ct package
  • Potent, consistent & convenient
  • Full spectrum extraction for potency
  • 45% Mitragynine extract in each bottle
  • Balanced with white pepper, turmeric and ginger
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant
  • Gold seal of approval- beats industry standards
  • Thorough testing at an accredited, third-party lab
  • Purity and safety ensured by manufacturer
  • Bulk pricing offers for best affordability*
  • Discreet shipping and packaging**


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MIT45 Gold - Kratom Capsules

Known as the Gold Standard of liquid kratom extracts, MIT45 started it all in 2018 with this powerful product. They combined a state-of-the-art extraction process with the highest quality Kratom plant material. Their Gold Liquid remains one of the most potent & fast-acting liquid kratom extracts on the market today.

  • (6) 150mg Mitragyna Speciosa extract
  • 900mg total kratom per 6ct package

Best MiT caps bulk pricing
3+ - Save 10%
6+ - Save 8%
9+ - Save 12%
12+ - Save 18%
24+ - Save 20%
48+ - Save 22%

MIT45 works with world class kratom suppliers, using state of the art extraction methods to make incredibly potent and fast acting liquid kratom extracts. Their Gold Liquid started it all and quickly became their #1 best seller, sold worldwide.

The Kratom market has become saturated with a wide variety of products, many poorly produced. With an eye on producing the best quality, MIT45 harvests the very best botanicals grown in absolutely ideal conditions.

This product also uses extraction methods to isolate the most potent compounds. This delivers the unparalleled quality and consistency that has helped them achieve a high brand loyalty seen every day at Apotheca.







What are the pros and cons of kratom capsules?

Kratom is available in powder, capsule, and concentrate forms, with each having its advantages and disadvantages. Kratom capsules, in particular, offer a few advantages over powders and concentrates.

For one, kratom capsules are discrete, making it easy for you to bring them with you. They are also ready to consume, requiring little to no preparation. And unlike kratom powders, capsules are generally gentle on the stomach and won't create digestive problems.

But the chief advantage of capsules is that you are assured that you get the correct dosage all the time. This eliminates guesswork and the need to measure. However, kratom capsules cost more than powders. Also, you might find it more difficult to find capsules compared to powders.


How do you ensure that you are buying quality kratom?

When it comes to the quality of the kratom products you are planning to buy, there are two critical things to watch out for. First, check the source of the raw ingredients. Reputable sellers have a network of suppliers that are committed to bringing you the best products. These vendors understand the importance of best practices like proper handling and storage.

Next, reputable sellers enlist the help of impartial third-party laboratories to check their products. This ensures that the kratom products you buy are of pristine quality and are not contaminated.


How do you get the most out of kratom capsules?

First, you need to make sure that you are consuming high-quality kratom capsules. This will ensure that you reap the benefits of kratom while eliminating or minimizing potential side effects.

Second, keep track of your kratom consumption. This will help you identify which strains work best for you and which benefits you get from a specific kratom strain.

Third, hydration is a must. You need to drink plenty of water to prevent unwanted side effects.

Fourth, be mindful of your dosage. Keep in mind that the dosage for each strain will vary. Being aware of the correct dosage will ensure that you find your sweet spot.

Finally, take your kratom capsules before meals, preferably in the morning.


How do you store kratom?

The rules for storing kratom products are similar to those used for storing the spices you use for cooking. Ideally, you should put your kratom in a dark container with an airtight lid. You can use glass jars or plastic bags. What is important is that you create an airtight seal.

Once you have found a container, you should store your kratom in a cool and dry place. Avoid placing your kratom in an area that is damp or has too much sunlight.


Is kratom legal in all states of America?

Unlike psychedelic drugs, kratom is not classified as a controlled substance in the United States. Essentially, that means you can purchase kratom both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Additionally, its production and sales aren't regulated compared to other products. But despite its status, there are a few things that are worth knowing.

For one, kratom is legal at a federal level. However, there are some states that have chosen to regulate or outright ban its sale and use. In short, it isn't legal in all states in America. Specifically, you can't buy, sell, or use kratom outside of the states of Arkansas, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Vermont, Alabama, and Indiana. With kratom showing promise in treating and managing certain disorders, there is hope that these bans will be lifted in the near future.


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