Mellow Fellow Live Resin Cartridges 2ml

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Mellow Fellow live resin cartridges – 2 mL

White Widow (hybrid)

Creativity blend 2 mL live resin vape cartridge – White Widow (hybrid)

  • HHC, Delta 8, CBD, CBD, Delta 10

Looking for disposable carts that are both potent and palatable? Our creativity live resin carts are just what you were looking for. White widow has a unique combination of earthy, spicy notes With hints of sweet and citrus flavors. This is a Delta 10 cart that’s expertly blended with other cannabinoids to help awaken the inner artist in you. Find Delta 10 and Delta eight blends near you with our store locator! Blend highlights.
Feelings: engaged, inspired, imaginative.

Balance between calm and energizing.
Balanced between cerebral and physical effects.

What is the Creativity blend? The creativity blend – say goodbye to creative blocks, whether you’re struggling with riders block, blank canvas, or anything else it’s holding you back from unleashing your creativity.  With a wide range of options like disposable vapes, edibles, and vape cartridges available, you can explore the mellow fellow collection and get a dose of creativity today! Unlock your inner artist as activity helps you tap into your imagination and let your ideas, flow good for: enhancing overall joyful effects, or when you simply wanna uplift your mood and share positive vibes with friends and loved ones. The party blood!

Sundae Driver (hybrid)

Euphoria blend 2 mL live resin vape cartridge – Sundae Driver (hybrid)

  • HHC, Delta eight, H4 CBD, CBD, CBD, THC

Looking for a way to experience true bliss?  Euphoria in the mellow fellow Sundae Driver disposable cart. Sunday driver is a strain that is sweet, creamy, dessert, light flavors. Each inhale will remind you of a delicious ice cream sundae. This cartridge is PhD pharmacist-formulated to give you a smooth and potent experience every time.  So treat yourself to one of these live resin carts today. Use our store locator to find mellow fellow cartridges and disposable vapes and an Apotheca near you.

Blend highlights
Feelings: uplifted, creative, imaginative

Balance between cerebral and physical effects.

What is the euphoria blend? The euphoria blend – experience true bliss, and a sense of elation as euphoria works to leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. The mellow fellow euphoria blend is designed to help you leave behind all your daily stresses with just one puff. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating experience with this potent PhD pharmacist formulated blend that helps create a sense of intense joy and happiness.

Jungle Cake (hybrid)

Recover blend 2 mL live resin vape cartridge – Jungle Cake (hybrid)

  • THCM, HC, H4 CBD, Delta eight, CBG

Experience relief with Recover blend live resin cart. Jungle cake eases you in with its sugary, cake, like sweetness, earthy flavors, and hints of spice. Whether you’ve had a long workout session or feeling drained from every day life, these disposable carts will soothe your senses and help you enjoy restoration.  Find a dispensary near you the mellow fellow Delta 8 disposable vapes and cartridges.

Blend highlights.
Feelings: relieved, refreshed, relaxed

Balance between gentleman, intense effects
Physical effects.

What is the Recover blend?

The recover blend – if you need a way to recharge and rejuvenate, me fellows recover blend has you covered. This premium cannabinoid blend includes TCM, HC, H4 CBD, Delta eight, and CBG.  Created with high-quality distillate, recover aim to enhance both your mind and body. Whether you’ve had a stressful week or intense workout, take a break and give yourself the chance to relax, restore and recover. Available and disposable vapes, vape cartridges, edibles, and more .

AK-47 (hybrid)

Introvert blend 2 mL live resin vape cartridge – AK-47 (hybrid)

  • HHC, Delta eight, CBD, CBD, CBN, TCB, THC, THC

Step out of your shoulder, explore the depth of your inner world with Introvert. Of these disposable carts brings a full body blast of AK-47s earthy flavor profile. It’s earth. This is balanced out with slightly sweet, floral notes at its finish. The Mellow Fellow live resin cart is expertly crafted to give an elevated vaping experience.  Find Mellow Fellow disposable vapes and carts and Apotheca dispensary near you.

Blend highlights
Feelings: reflective, engaged, relaxed

Balance between calming and energizing.
Balance between cerebral and physical effects.

What is the Introvert blend?
The Introvert blend – experience the best of both worlds with fellows Introvert blend whether you prefer to stay in your shell or not. This blend is separately crafted with THC, THC, HC, Delta 8, CBN and CBG, aim to give you a sense of mental alertness and engagement. This unique blend hopes to expand your mind while also inducing relaxation. This means it may be perfect for individuals with social anxiety. With the Mellow Fellow introvert blend, you can enjoy the comfort of being alone even in social situations.

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