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Acapulco Gold (sativa)

Desire blend 2ml live resin vape cartridge – Acapulco Gold (sativa)

  • THCH, HHC, Delta 8, Delta 11, CBD, CBG

Experience, pure desire with our live resin carts. Acapulco gold is known for its citrus, tropical fruit flavors that top a chestnut base. This is a blend so delicious that it will leave you longing for more with each puff. Packed with 2ml of premium cannabinoid oil, these are disposable carts like no other. Order for delivery today, or use our store locator to find Delta 8 near you.

Hemp, derived cannabinoids

  • Federally legal
  • Lab tested
  • PhD pharmacist formulated
  • Secure payments

Blend highlights
Feelings: loving, happy, relaxed

  • Gentle
  • Calming
  • Physical

Directions for use
Attached desired cartridge to a 510 thread battery parentheses not included in parentheses. Inhale and enjoy

What is the Desire Blend?
The Desire Blend – indulge in Mellow Fellow Desire Blend and discover love in unexpected places. Our blend is expert crafted by our pharmacist and contains THCh, Delta 11, HHC, Delta 8, CBD and CBG to enhance your senses and ignite your passion. This blend offers a heavy buzz with a lighthearted feel,  a satisfying experience. Ignite the flames of passion, enhance intimacy, heighten sensations and intensify connection with desire.

Device specifications
2ml carts – device capacity: 2ml column, ceramic heating element, high grade Japanese cotton wick, nickel chromium conducting wire and bar silicate tank. 2ml cartridges – the Mellow Fellow metal series cartridge is highly durable and provides the consistent sized hits until the very last pull. The center post is made from lead-free copper, which guarantees zero leaching and absolutely no residual heavy metals.

Packaging evolution
Please note that the packaging of your ordered items may vary. Occasionally, there are updates between prints. These modifications could be influenced by regulation changes, aesthetic, enhancements, or adjustments aimed in enhancing your overall user experience.

We promised that the quality experience you expected purchase is in the final product you receive. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

AK-47 (hybrid)

THCB, THCP, HHC, Delta eight, CBN, CBG, CBD, Delta 10 2ml disposable vape

AK-47 is a classic hybrid strain that is result of combining exotic roots from Columbia, Mexico, Thailand and Afghanistan. It is a sativa-leaning hybrid that induces feelings of mellow relaxation. Its pungent taste will excite any discerning customer with notes of skunk, tobacco and spicy herb.

Blend highlights
Feelings: reflective, engaged, relaxed,

  • Calming
  • Cerebral

What is the Introvert Blend?
The Introvert Blend – experience the best of both worlds with Mellow Fellow's introvert blend, whether you prefer to stay in your shell or not. This blend is expertly crafted with THCB, THCP, HHC, Delta 8, CBN and CBG, aimed to give you a sense of mental alertness and engagement. This unique blend hopes to expand your mind while also inducing relaxation. This means it may be perfect for individuals with social anxiety.  With the Mellow Fellow Introvert Blend, you can enjoy the comfort of being alone, even in social situations.

Wedding Crasher (hybrid)

Charged blend 2ml live resin vape disposable – Wedding Crasher (hybrid) 


Are you ready for these disposable carts to take your taste buds on a journey like no other?  This live resin disposable would do the trick! Wedding Crasher is a delightful cross of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. On the inhale, fruity grape flavors will dance around your palette, leading to an exhale of sweet vanilla goodness. Use the store locator to find these premium blend HHC carts in a shop near you.

Hemp derived cannabinoids
Federally legal.
Lab tested
PhD pharmacist formulated.
Secure payments

Blend highlights.
Feelings: energetic, alert, inspired

Balanced between gentle and intense, very energizing, and balanced, cerebral and physical effects.

What is the charged blend? The charged blend – with THCV, H4 CBD, CBD, and HHC, the charge blend is made to help you tackle the day with an energizing buzz that keeps you motivated and focused,  Perfect for powering through work or workouts. Our charged blend is carefully crafted to provide you with the perfect amount of energy to get you over any obstacle. In need of a little extra push? Reach for the charged blend disposable vaporizer.

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