Magic Mushroom Gummies - 300mg - 5pc - Fun Flavors

Brand: SporesMD
  • (5) psychedelic mushroom gummies
  • 60mg each of “psychedelic complex”
    • Lion’s Mane
    • Cordyceps
    • Amanita muscaria extract
    • l-theanine
  • 300mg total “psychedelic complex”
  • Made for microdosing mild effects
  • Fully compliant and legal
  • Mutiple fun flavors
    • Blue Magic
    • Orange Dream
    • Fruit Loopy
    • Tropical Trips
    • Mellow Melon

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Magic Mushroom Gummies - 300mg - 5pc - Tropical Trips - SporesMD | FREE DELIVERY!*Psychedelic amanita gummies

Buy the fully compliant Magic Mushroom Gummies - 300mg - 5pc - Fun Flavors, from SporesMD, at an Apotheca dispensaery near you, or online for FREE DELIVERY!* These gummies are made for microdosing and feeling fun, not overwhelming! They are made wityh a great formula, premium ingredients and deliver on experience.

Each gummy has 60mg milligrams each of the SporesMD “psychedelic complex.” This proprietary forumla includes Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Amanita Muscaria mushroom extract and l-theanine. The gummy flavors are also wonderful, and no mushroom taste, plus the texture just right- never sticks to the teeth!

The SporesMD Orange Dream Mushroom Gummies 

  • Blue Magic
  • Fruit Loopy
  • Mellow Melon
  • Orange Dream
  • Tropical Trips

The gummies have undergone extensive third-party testing to ensure adherece to strict safety, quality and purity standards. These psychedelic gummies are confirmed as fully comply with federal law. SporesMD crafts gummies in a certified ISO cleanroom for the best possible quality.


Take ½ of a gummy and wait for 2 hours to determjine effects. Only then take the other half if desired. Rememer- with edibles it's important to 'start low and go slow,' becxause there is no 'off switch.' Once eaten, effects have to run their course

Blue Magic Mushroom Gummies FAQs

Will These Gummies Get Me High?

Our legal psychedelic gummies are psychoactive, containing a federally compliant psychedelic mushroom extract.

Can I Overdose on Blue Magic Mushroom Gummies?

The ilabel clearly urges not exceeding more than 2 gummies per 24 hours, at the very most. These gummies are not known to cause serious side effects, but their intoxicating properties can overwhelm those who have a low tolerance, and may cause impairment that could interfere with driving or work.

How Should I Store My Gummies?

These gummies do not need to be refrigerated. However, they should be kept in a cool, dark and dry place, like a cupboard or drawer. This ensures the contents stay fresh and the active ingredients remain effective.

What Kind of Effects Should I Expect?

Keep in mind that ultimately, everyone’s experience with psychoactive plant compounds is unique. However, generally, people who have taken these gummies have reported feeling euphoric, relaxed and more creative.

Magic mushroom effects

Muscimol is a main psychoactive compound found in the Amanita muscaria mushroom. Although it does have psychoactive properties, the effect is very different from psilocybin and psilocin

Muscimol reacts with the GABA receptor. When ingested, it can provide feelings of euphoria and tranquility, an altered sense of hearing and taste, changes to sensory perception and even vivid dreams. 

Microdosing psychedelic edibles

Apotheca Amanita Mushrooms were designed to provide users with calming and relaxing effects. We are just beginning to see some very interesting results in various clinical trials. So, microdosing psychedelics continue to attract mainstream media attention, helping reduce the stigma surrounding psychedelics and encourage responsible use.

Bonus! Free shipping available on bulk orders!

NOTE: Due to legal restrictions, we cannot sell or deliver amanita mushrooms in Louisiana!

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