CC Indoor Hawaiian Haze 2g Jar Indoor

Indoor Hydroponically Grown Hemp Flower

-19.09% CBD

-Sativa Strain

-100% Federally Legal Hemp Flower

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Hawaiian Haze Indoor Hemp Flower

An incredible indoor hemp flower strain that is covered with thick, hazy red hairs and fine crystals, Hawaiian Haze is a favorite due to its rich terpenes and cannabinoids. Starting with a strong pineapple and lemon zest scent, this CBD hemp strain ends with an earthy, flowery finish.

Most customers buy Hawaiian Haze due to high levels of a-Pinene, b-Caryophyllene and Guaiol as they believe it has brings relief from anxiety, chronic pain, and anti-inflammation.

Our Hawaiian Haze is grown in a controlled indoor environment for the best quality buds on the market.

100% Federally Legal

BOGO - Buy One Get One Free

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