HHC Seltzer - Watermelon - 10mg

Brand: Delta Beverages
  • (1) 12oz HHC flavored seltzer
  • 10mg - HHC + 5mgCBG + 2mg CBD
  • Watermelon flavor, natural ingredients
  • Legal, hemp-derived cannabinoids
  • Excellent alternative to alcohol


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"Day Drinker” seltzer: HHC + CBG + CBD

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Delta Beverages created the first hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) seltzer drink combining hemp-derived cannabinoids and other natural ingredients with crisp, refreshing seltzer in fresh, clean flavors. 

  • 10mg HHC
  • 5mg of CBG
  • 2mg of CBD

Weed seltzer 

HHC seltzer has the perfect balance of the minor cannabinoids and other natural ingredients. Together, this formula produces a light euphoria as well as therapeutic effects in a bubbly, watermelon fizz.

The psychoactive HHC works with the non-psychoactive cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabidiol (CBD), creating an 'entourage effect.' So,  the effectiveness of each compound is stronger when working together.

This seltzer balances the minor cannabinoids for a light, refreshing buzz with heady effect, perfect for energetic outings. The result is the first of its kind, worthy of the title, "Day Drinker."

First HHC infused fizzy water

This "Day Drinker" HHC Seltzer is a healthier alternative, with no alcohol, sugar, carbs or calories. So, what does HHC fizzy water have? Only carbonated water, a few natural flavors, and most importantly, 20mg of hemp-derived HHC.

As an alcohol replacement, the original HHC seltzer is a perfect choice. This is a unique blend with powerful effects and a fresh, crisp flavor that's never 'hempy.'

The key to this freshness is nanoemulsion. This new process breaks molecules down into smaller particles. So, now cannabinoids can piggyback onto water molecules, which enter the bloodstream much faster than edibles you eat.

HHC seltzer as an alternative to booze

It's an alcohol alternative with a buzz like no other. But, remember that these aren't THC-free CBD gummies. Delta Beverages considers themselves a cannabis beverage company and these seltzers bring a great buzz.

The euphoria from this light and refreshing drink comes without any paranoia or other negative effects. It also diminishes much faster than alcohol too, and without any residual effects.

HHC vs THC drinks

Since this "Day Drinker" seltzer is infused with HHC it is, technically, THC free. But, an HHC drink has the same benefits and similar effects of a THC seltzer.

It has 10mg of hemp-derived HHC for a seltzer like no other. It gives you a light buzz, stimulating the senses for a perfect daytime outing. And, HHC works quickly, much like the fast effects of smoking or vaping cannabis. In a convenient, healthy drink alternative, this HHC fizzy water. 


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