Hempookah CBD Shisha 350mg/100g Pouch - $.037/mg

-100g Package of 100% Hemp Shisha 

-350mg CBD in total per package

-Available in 6 different flavorsMade in the United States

-Derived from 100% GMO Free Hemp using only the highest quality of ingredients with no artificial colors

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HEMPOOKAH™ is the world’s very first and only all HEMP Shisha made with 100% HEMP…TOBACCO FREE and NICOTINE FREE.  Made with GMO FREE HEMP and the finest quality of ingredients. Perfectly blended to give those who love hookah a completely new revolutionary experience.  Each packet of 100 Grams HEMPOOKAH™ contains 350 Milligrams of CBD. We are very proud to share this one of a kind treasure that will transform your hookah experience,

HEMPOOKAH is available in six different full bodied flavors made to satisfy every hookah lover!

Mint - Invigorate your senses with the cool and refreshing flavor of a perfectly balanced mint.

Lemon Mint - A stimulating balance of a lemon and mint to soothe your taste buds.

Honeydew Melon Mint - A cool and stimulating melon taste with the perfect touch of mint.

Icy Fruit Punch - A satisfying mixture of tropical fruits and mint to please your taste buds with a punch.

Icy Berry Bliss - Enjoy the blissful flavors of a cooling blend of delicious berries.

Orange Mango Mint - An immaculate mix of mango and orange with the right touch of mint.

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