Hemp Infused Muscle Gel 250mg from Queen Hemp Company

-Hemp Oil Infused Muscle Gel
-Made with 100% federally legal indoor grown hemp

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250mg Queen Hemp Company Hemp Infused CBD Muscle Gel
Queen Hemp Company’s 2oz Hemp Oil Infused Gel is a customer favorite for sore muscles and joint pain.

As always the hemp infused in this gel is grown from Queen Hemp Company's industry first indoor hemp grow to keep the hemp completely free of pesticides and other contaminants and produce a hemp that is simply the highest quality you can buy.

Other cases that our customers report the Hemp Oil Gel helping them with include:
Nerve Pain
Joint Pain
Muscle Spasms
Muscle Soreness
Muscle Pain

About Queen Hemp Company
Queen Hemp Company is proudly managed and owned by women. Queen Hemp Company is completely involved in every aspect of breeding, planting, cultivating and producing their products, making them truly "seed to sale". Queen Hemp Company is leading the industry by using an indoor environmentally controlled grow process that prevents nasty toxins like heavy metals or other contaminants being absorbed into the plant while ensuring incredible quality and consistency that outdoor grows simply cannot achieve.

Queen Hemp Company is committed to educate, breed, cultivate and extract the best quality cannabinoid and terpenes by using a process that controls the the environment from a seedling to finished product in your hands. Queen Hemp Company test all their cannabis products with third-party laboratories to always verify their products are safe and legal for consumption.

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