Hemp Flower Naturals Calm CBD Cartridge

Brand: Hemp Flower Naturals

-Available in either 0.5g or 1.0g

-0.5g contains 400mg CBD

-1.0g contains 700mg CBD

-Blended to assist in relaxation

-Made with 100% federally legal Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

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Apotheca CBD Cartridges

Apotheca Presents our 1mL full spectrum hemp oil cartridges made with 100% federally legal hemp. Available in multiple flavor variations and milligram options. 

About Apotheca CBD Products

Apotheca sources CBD from multiple sources including Oregon, Colorado, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. We carefully analyze and hand test every hemp strain before offering it for sale in our stores and website. With decades of combined cannabis experience on our team, Apotheca pays attention to more than just the numbers on the COA. We analyze for terpene profile, cannabinoid ratios, consistency, and quality. 

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