Formula 710 Glass Cleaner - Instant/Advanced

Brand: Formula 420
  • Formula 710 dab rig cleaners, 2 types
    • Instant Cleaner - abrasive for tough stuff
    • Advanced Cleaner - non-abrasive, effective
  • Instant Cleaner compliments Advanced Cleaner
  • Makes dirty, waxy glass sparkle like new, easily

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Formula 710 Glass Cleaner - Instant/Advanced | 4 FREE SHIPPING!*Cleaning dab rigs

Buy Formula 710 Glass Cleaner - 2 Types, at an Apotheca dispensary near you, or through the web store for FREE SHIPPING!* These products make the most dirty, waxy dab rig, glass dab pipe or other smoking glass, look sparkling, like new!

These two formulas are made to power through dirty oil easily. But, depending on how dark that matter, there are two Formula 710 products that work well alone, but are made to compliment each other too!

  • Formula 710 Instant Cleaner - abrasive for tough stuff
  • Formula 710 Advanced Cleaner - non-abrasive, effective

The Instant Cleaner has an abrasive to power through the toughest wax buildup. The Advanced Cleaner sparkles glass like new with a simple soak.

Formula 710 products are made for glass without all the mixing and adding salt or other ingredients. With either 710 product from Formula 420, everything is ready. It is recommended to soak glass with the Instant Cleaner with abrasive first, following directions, and then finish the sparkle with the Advanced Cleaner soak.

Borosilicate glass

Formula 710 is made for borosilicate glass and works to preserve your favorite pieces. Since boro glass was originally created for the extremes of laboratory chemistry (it's also called 'scientific glass'), it can hold any number of cool shapes without ever losing integrity. It's also inert so it never affects flavor. But, it can get waxy buildup with regular use.

Boro glass is chip resistant and shatter proof, but will break if mishandled, so take care with cleaners!

A glass dab rig and hand pipe like nectar collectors carry larger prices for a reason! They rock!! Take care of your gear for superior performance and flavor!


*Free shipping on orders more than $49!

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