Delta 9 Gummies - 10mg - 10ct - Tropical Mix

Brand: CannaAid
  • (10) 10mg delta 9 THC gummies
  • 100mg total delta 9 extract per bag
  • Tropical Mix flavor profile
  • Vegan gummy formula, pectin based
  • Fast-acting, dispensary-grade
  • Potent & long lasting effects
  • Derived from USA-grown hemp
  • Farm Bill compliant: <0.3% ∆9THC
  • Scannable QR Code for lab test results

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D9 gummy fun

Buy CannaAid Delta 9 Gummies - 10mg - 10ct - Tropical Mix for great ingredients, a wonderful formula and a sweet buzz! These potent edibles are made to feel great on the teeth, taste great on the tongue and deliver the delta 9 goodness.

These awesome D9 gummies have 10mg of hemp-derived ∆9 each, for a total of 200mg THC per 20ct bag. The CannaAid Tropical Mix delivers three fun flavors too!

Delta 9 derived from hemp is the same, chemically speaking, as that found in legal-state marijuana, but comes from many plants, not one. This 100% legal hemp D9 is premium grown, extracted, processed and infused in the USA.

Dosing THC gummies

It’s strongly recommended to start with 1/2 gummy to experience how the delta-9 THC affects you. D9 edibles are much stronger than delta-8 and delta-10 gummies and may cause a much stronger reaction than expected.

Since each person’s metabolism and tolerance is different, some may find that a low dose of D9 will be more than enough for a desired result, while others may need more than one gummy. Start low and go slow.

Best edibles potency

Another factor to consider is the amount of time required for the gummy to be digested, which varies from person to person. For best results, consume the dose before eating, or eat the gummy with food, to facilitate the highest rate of absorption into your system.

Until you understand how these gummies affect you, it’s best to wait at least 1-2 hours for effects to take place, before deciding to consume more, since a common issue is over-dosing due to the delayed effects when consuming edibles convincing people to tak emore too soon.

  • ½ gummy - moderate effect
  • 1 gummy - full effect
  • 1 ½ + gummies - special effects


Do not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery of any type when taking these Delta 9 THC gummies. These gummies may cause drowsiness, dizziness or be more psychoactive than expected, and may affect your ability to operate in a safe manner.

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