Delta-8 THC Tinctures

Not into smoking or vaping? Are you concerned about the health effects of smoking and vaping? Here is the solution. Our high-quality, broad-spectrum delta 8 THC tincture provides the best experience. The additional cannabinoids increase the effectiveness and potential pain-relieving features of these tinctures. If you are looking to reap the actual benefits of CBD without losing its taste and potential benefits, our delta 8 tincture is the right choice. While we use organic MCT oil in delta eight THC tincture, we have also made some great selections infused with natural essential oil to enhance the flavor. Place a few drops under the tongue or in your food to activate its effects.

D8 Tincutres are a great way to enjoy delta-8 THC without having to inhale any smoke or vapour. Tinctures are also very discrete and can be added into other food or drink items. At Apotheca, we have the largest selection of Delta 8 tinctures and other Delta 8 products. Simply choose the product or products that you would like below, and add them to your cart. We deliver delta 8 across the United States.