Delta 10 Tincture - Sour Blueberry - 300mg - 30ml

Brand: Delta Extrax
  • 30ml delta-10 THC tincture
  • 300mg D10 per 30ml bottle
  • Sour Blueberry flavored formula
  • (30) 1ml doses using dropper top
  • Derived from 100% legal hemp
  • Grown, extracted and infused in the USA
  • Lab tested, sustainably sourced product
  • QR code displays lab test results

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Delta 10 Tincture - Sour Blueberry - 300mg - 1oz - Delta Extrax | Delivers THC, Free!*

Delta 10 blueberry tincture

Buy the Delta 10 Tincture - Sour Blueberry - 300mg - 30ml from Delta Extrax for a premium, fast-acting, discreet way to dose medical cannabis without smoking. It's also a tasty sour blueberry flavor for enjoyable dosing.

This Vibin' tincture is made with all natural, 100% legal hemp, grown, extracted and infused in the USA. This tincture acts fast, too, delivering D10 cannabinoids to your system super quick. 

  • 300mg delta 10 per bottle
  • (30) 1ml doses per 30ml bottle
  • Dropper cap for consistent dosing

Sour Blueberry is a sativa-dominant hybrid, created by crossing Blueberry with Sour Diesel #2. The growing hemp strain has dense buds covered in orange pistils and generously coated in rich trichomes for very potent kief.

The enticing aroma of Sour Blueberry matches the robust taste of wild berries and citrus fruit. Tis tincture's euphoric effect is often described as 'cerebral' and 'invigorating.'

Dosing D10 tincture

Tinctures act very fast because they are liquid, getting to your bloodstream much more quickly than other edibles that are digested. The effects take minutes, not hours.ut, this a potent cannabinoid.

This tincture is designed to be very relaxing and should not be taken lightly. Start low and go slow is recommended, starting with a half dropper full. Then, wait up to half an hour to assess how delta 10 affects each person before dosing again. 

Delta-10 effects

Delta 10 THC helps relieve stress and tension while not causing intense feelings of paranoia, anxiety or psychoactive effects. It has a more mild euphoria than delta 9 or even delta 8. Hemp-derived delta 10 is often used where medical marijuana isn't legal.

This cannabinoid has been researched medicinally for its uplifting effect, while also relieving stress and promoting relaxation. Many cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory properties, as well as help with appetite stimulation, pain relief and insomnia, just to name a few. 

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