D8 + THCV Dark Chocolate Biscotti - 120mg - Cherry Maca Almond

Brand: Bhumi
  • D8 + THCV dark chocolate biscotti
  • 120mg total cannabinoids per biscuit
  • 80mg delta 8 THC + 40mg THCV
  • Belgian dark chocolate w cherry dip
  • Crunchy almond biscotti dunking cookie
  • THCV and D8 grown and extracted in USA

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Naughty biscotti - dark chocolate cherry

Buy the 1.5oz Bhumi D8 + THCV Dark Chocolate Biscotti - 120mg - Cherry Maca Almond at an Apotheca dispensary near you, or at apotheca.org where bulk orders can get free shipping!*

This premium edible is made for love! The formula delivers sensuousness through incredible ingredients, rich dark chocolate and cherry maca almond flavor. It's a silky chocolate dip on a crisp, dunkable edible. It's a love Vibe, so make sure to get two!

Best biscotti for love

This delicious chocolate edible brings you the best of both worlds- 100mg of premium D8 for a warm wave through your body, and THCV for the perfect clear-headed energy to get up and go!

The pair of cannabinoids and the sweet flavors give the perfect combination to become the sweet lift to your day or the love storm to your evening. Eat dinner, then dessert (don't forget the coffee) and go dunking.

Dosing edible strength

Although the 120mg biscotti edibles are made using industrial hemp, they are still very potent. In fact, they suggest going 'low and slow' with dosing because there is no 'off switch' with edibles. Once it's eaten, buckle up you nd your sweetie.

So, eat ¼ of the edible and see where it goes. For you and your lover, wait at least an hour to measure your tolerances to the side effects. For those sensitive to THC, or first timers, start low and go slow is always recommended.

THCV effects

Although THCV can get you high, there are also differences between it and full strength THC. It's called "weed lite" by some because the effects are often considered about half the power of full strength cannabis ∆9THC. 

Also, THCV is known for having a more energetic, light headed high. It's derived mainly from sativa strains of legal hemp which are known for this type of effect.

There's also evidence that THCV aids weight loss by curbing appetite, giving it the nickname "diet weed." So, while there's promising ongoing research, probably best not to bring up professors over cookies on date night ;)

THCV effects


This minor cannabinoid is found among a broad spectrum of cannabinoids in legal hemp. By law, legal hemp can contain no more than 0.3% of delta-9 THC, as found in full strength cannabis.

Being a minor cannabinoid, THCV is extracted from many plants, not just one. It's separated from other compounds and put into delicious edibles and other products. 

The psychoactive properties of delta-9 are the same whether they come from a single plant or many. So edibles that contain this euphoric ingredient are more potent than the weaker delta-8 and delta-10 THC edibles.

Hemp derived D9 is not to be taken lightly, so it's important to start low and go slow, especially for newcomers to pot edibles.

Hemp derived THCVC

The term “Hemp Compliant” refers to the overall THC percentage in a hemp-derived product. Under the 2018 Farm Bill – hemp products cannot have more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. Also, the THC needs to be sourced from the industrial hemp plant and not from the medical marijuana plant.

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