Grav Conical Pocket Bubbler

Carb: F
Comes with: 10mm Quartz Bowl
Filtration type: Bubbler Chamber
Joint: 10mm Female
Length height: 2.5"
Use with: Flower & Concentrate

Availability: Out of stock

Grav broke the mold when they made this strange pocket bubbler. First of all, I'm not sure you would want to keep it in your pocket. The shape is strange and I doubt it would be comfortable unless you were into that sort of thing. The cone is the key to this little marvel. The bowl is actually a recessed 10mm ground joint, meaning this pipe does take a bowl. You are also able to use this piece as a blunt bubbler by inserting a rolled joint or cone.

The small but extremely important downstem that goes nearly to the bottom of the cone provides filtration with the lowest amount of water ever. The side-car style mouthpiece lets you see the pipe in action and know when to pull the bowl. It also stands up fairly well by using the cone bottom as a stabilizer.

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