CBD Cigarettes - 100mg - 20ct

Brand: Redwood Reserves
  • (20) organic hemp cigarettes
  • 80-100mg CBD per cigarette / 1000mg Per Pack
  • High airflow biodegradable filters
  • NO tobacco
  • NO biomass
  • NO additives
  • Product contains < 0.3% THC

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  • Best CBD cigarettes

    Buy CBD Cigarettes - 1200mg - 20ct from Redwood Reserves at an Apotheca dispensary near you, or online where orders more than $49 get free shipping!* It's a great way to avoid tobacco smoke while getting the benefits of CBD! These smokes feature premium materials, great flavor and the best hemp flower.

    Redwood Reserves reinvented the cigarette! No more smoking pesticide and chemical ridden tobacco! This products ACTUALLY makes people feel good because of the therapeutic properties of CBD. Feel fulfilled. Relaxed. Balanced. These smokes are made with 100% legal, CBD rich hemp flower. They feature a biodegradable filter, premium rolling paper and the top-shelf hemp flower.

    • Made with a biodegradable hemp filter 
    • Packed with flower high in CBD & other beneficial cannabinoids
    • Single-sourced from a sustainable family farm in Oregon
    • 100% CBD flower – sun grown & slow cured
    • 0.8 grams of flower per CBD cigarette
    • 80 – 100 mg of CBD per CBD cigarette
    • A soothing blend of Golden Redwood, Carolina Dream, and Wild Bourbon
    • A broad terpene profile for more flavor and a heightened experience
    • NO tobacco
    • NO biomass
    • NO additives
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