CannaAid - Delta 8 Pre-roll Joints - 1g - Multiple Strains

Brand: CannaAid
  • 1g D8 infused pre roll blunt
  • 100mg of D8 distillate per pre-roll
  • Exterior of blunt rolled in keif
  • Made using 100% legal hemp
  • Paper filter, improving flow
  • Classic strains options


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CannaAid - Delta 8 Pre-roll Blunts - 1g - Multiple Strains | Delivers THC!Delta 8 preroll blunts - best strains

Buy CannaAid - Delta 8 Pre-roll Blunts - 1g - Multiple Strains at Apotheca! These classic strains offer incredible flavors and dreamy D8 effects, all rolled in kief! Deciding which strain first is the hardest part! Choose between Bubba Kush, Grand Daddy Purple, Sour Diesel and Tropicana Cookies.

Bred and grown in the USA, this legal, hemp-derived delta-8 THC blunt delivers psychoactive effects without the paranoia of D9. The bountiful flavors of each strain speak to the care and quality of this perfectly stuffed blunt, right down to its paper filter.

USA grade cannabis

Grown and processed in the USA, these branded blunts show excellence in their lineage. From seed to shelf, these plants are bred to consistently produce high marks, as shown on each Certificate of Analysis. 

The delta-8 that makes these blunts rip is also extracted and processed in a sustainable way for consistent results. There's a broad spectrum of cannabinoids in the hemp plant, all contributing to a superb sesh experience.

How delta 8 feels

The great thing about delta-8 THC is that it has a lower psychotropic potency than its close cousin delta-9 THC. This means you can get high without feeling too stoned, and without the intense paranoia and anxiety associated with high doses of marijuana.

If you're looking for something mellow, but still potent enough to be considered "high," then delta-8 might just be your new favorite cannabinoid!

Delta-8 THC users report pervasive body sensations, relaxation and clear-headedness, with a lower psychotropic effect. Delta-8 THC contains properties that may help reduce stress or tension, stimulate appetite, or reduce nausea, according to research.

Apotheca offers a full spectrum

When it comes to the best ingredients nature offers, Apotheca dispensaries have a bounty. The staff is well educated and passionate about product to help you find the best fit for your lifestyle.

Whether it's edibles, topicals, tinctures, concentrates, flower or the tools you use, Apotheca delivers a safe, reliable experience with the best ingredients Earth offers. The chain has grown over the years adding a full spectrum of products.

So, in addition to great hemp-derived bounty, our shelves also include supplements like kratom, kava and farm-fresh honies, jams, jellies, cheeses and jarred goods too.

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