CannaAid - CBD + CBG Salve - 4000mg - 2oz

Brand: CannaAid
  • 2oz CBD + CBG infused topical salve
  • 2000mg each CBD + CBG per jar
  • 4000mg total cannabinoids per jar
  • All natural essential oils for scent & effect
  • Pain relief and anti-inflammation effects
  • Absorbs at the lipid level, no oily feel
  • Makes skin softer and smoother


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CBD + CBG salve for pain relief, skin care

The 2oz CannaAid - CBD + CBG Salve packs the power of lipid infusion for fast sore muscle relief with essential oils and 4000mg of cannabinoids! This topical features cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG), each with powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relief effects (as well as their own therapeutic offerings).

Combined with other premium ingredients like natural kokum butter, cajeput oil and vegan soy-wax, this CannaAid salve offers the best of nature. You benefit from this balanced formula of 2000mg CBD and 2000mg of CBG per jar, from every layer of skin care to the sore sucles within.

Experience a fantastic effect from nature's best! 

How CBD + CBG works

The two cousin compunds work together in an entourage effect that makes the pair stronger than the two, making one another more effective than the two compounds alone. 

Pain relief salves, applied topically, offer full absorption of both CBG and CBD through all layers of the skin to the bloodstream. This delivers fast-acting effects, especially when combined with cold and/or heat therapy. 

CBG is thought to work behind the scenes by reducing chronic stress and inflammation in your body. CBD has known analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects too. It also helps repair damage to skin, inside and out, improving elasticity and softness.

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