The best THCa blog posts

Find the best THCa blog posts at where we explore all things about this popular cannabinoid including its origins, legality, effects, uses and the products where you find it! The Apotheca Guide is not meant as a sales devices, although we may occassi0onally reference products we carry if they appropriate to the post. For more information about our products, see the Apotheca Guides section!

  1. What is the Difference Between THC and THCA?

    The Difference Between THC and THCa | Apotheca Dispensary

    Many cannabis consumers and hemp-derived product users already know THC and CBD. But, some people, including those who have smoked weed for a long time, may not be familiar with THCa.

    But what exactly is THCa and how different is it from other cannabinoids like THC?

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  2. Learn How to Make THCA Diamonds in the Comfort of Your Home

    How to Make THCa Diamonds at Home | BEST THC ONLINE, FREE SHIPPING!*

    Interest in THCa products, including THCa diamonds is slowly growing as more and more people become aware of their benefits. But how are THCa diamonds, also known as weed diamonds and THC diamonds, made?

    What is THCa?


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