1. Kratom vs CBD


    Chances are, that you are already familiar with cannabidiol (CBD), given its popularity. But there’s another natural pain relief option that is fast becoming as popular as CBD. Kratom, which is a tree species from Southeast Asia, has become an alternative for those seeking a natural pain reliever. It is said to soothe symptoms of various medical conditions such as anxiety, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and opioid withdrawal.

    Since cannabidiol is known for providing relief for the same conditions, one would naturally wonder, which one is better. Is it kratom or cannabidiol? This is why it’s important to compare and contrast the two so that you can choose which is the better option for your pain relief issues.


    What Is Kratom?


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  2. Kratom Concentrates - Everything You Need to Know


    A kratom concentrate is a liquid form of kratom that delivers a more substantial effect on the human body. It is also more commonly known by many kratom users as kratom extract. Concentrated kratom aims to provide more enhanced results to the body than other kratom products such as powdered kratom. 

    The alkaloids in a liquid kratom concentrate include Mitragynine and 7- hydroxy Mitragynine. Consider using liquid kratom if you wish to take these active alkaloids in a more potent form. Let us dive more into this potent botanical product and determine if it is the right product to take.

    How Kratom Extracts are Made

    There are various ways to make concentrates from kratom. If you wish to make kratom in extract form, you will need the following materials:

    • Kratom leaves or powder
    • Ethanol or grain alcohol with 80% to 99% concentration
    • Water
    • Apple cider vinegar, lemon, or citric acid
    • Digital scale
    • Strainer
    • Mason jars

    You can make different kinds of kratom concentrates. Some of the most available types include:

    • Water-based kratom extracts
    • Kratom tinctures
    • Brewed kratom tea
    • Kratom shots
    • Kraton resins 

    Water-Based Kratom Extracts

    Water-based extracts are kratom concentrates that can either be in liquid or powder form. You can make them using kratom leaves and water. The extraction method involves soaking the kratom leaves in the water. Leave the soaked kratom in a cold dark place for at least one to two weeks until the alkaloids separate from the plant matter.

    Boil the liquid to evaporate as much water to leave behind a potent liquid. Some extraction processes

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  3. How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your System?


    Kratom is a type of herbal drug often promoted in the U.S. as a psychoactive substance, despite its legality on American shores. Since its introduction to the U.S. market – And eventually, its growing popularity, there have since been loads of misconceptions regarding kratom, both the leaf and the drink. The misconceptions about it today are most likely due to a lack of public knowledge.

    Thanks to its primary alkaloid, mitragynine, kratom has a somewhat sedative effect on your body, making it excellent for individuals who want to go through opioid withdrawal symptoms. And now, we'll look at the effects of this plant on the body after ingestion and how long it takes for it to leave. This can also tell you everything you need to know about Kratom tea.

    What is Kratom? Is it Addictive?

    Kratom (mitragyna speciosa Korth) is a type of tree. You can mostly find it in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Kratom is related to coffee trees. Its leaves have been used by Southeast Asian farmers as a type of stimulant, chewing them raw while they work long hours out in the sun. Most of the time, kratom leaves are dried and brewed into tea, which farmers drink in the morning for the same purpose. Some people also drink kratom tea for medicinal purposes. Kratom usually has a half-life of at least 24 hours, and it'll take at least 5 to 6 days to get rid of the kratom from your body. Even though it's not common to hold drug tests for kratom (Because of how uncommon it is), it can be detected in your urine for at least one week. 

    Kratom also go

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  4. Kratom dosage: How Many Kratom Capsules Should I Consume?


    As with other dietary supplements, kratom capsules should also be taken at the proper dosage. Yet not all consumers out there know exactly how much is enough to enjoy their benefits. This lack of knowledge might lead to substance dependence or addiction. So, it's essential to learn proper and safe administration to begin with. This product is now popular among many people in the United States and other countries. Online stores are rising in numbers to meet customers' demands anywhere in the global market. 

    If this is your first time taking the product, you have to pay attention to dosing, determining your overall experience. It would be best if you always stuck with the appropriate dosage for your health condition. This means you have to learn the properties, effects, dosage, and other essential facts about kratom capsules to stay within your limits. This article discusses all these things for your quick and easy guide.

    What is a Kratom Capsule? 

    Kratom is a powdered substance extracted from a mitragyna speciosa, a tree commonly found in Southeast Asia. The active ingredients from its leaf include mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine that are known to produce pain-killing effects, especially when consumed in large amounts. Because of its medicinal properties, the kratom capsule was approved for consumption in many states.

    The substance has gained popularity as an herbal supplement for pain and depression. It is sometimes labelled a dietary supplement and is not subject to stringent federal regulation. But since kratom capsules can produce opioid-like effects, using them may lead to dependence and addiction. Hence, proper dosing is essential to achieve optimum benefits and avoid adverse s

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  5. Kratom Capsules Review


    There's a lot of buzz surrounding Kratom and Kratom capsules. In our Kratom capsules review, we take a deeper dive into what makes them so unique.

    Touted as the best natural cure to drug addiction, Kratom capsules have recently taken the online market by storm. They offer an alternative to other products on the market. Kratom is excellent for those who need pain relief without any sedation or side effects like addiction or withdrawal symptoms.

    These small, easy-to-swallow pills come in various strengths and flavours that vary from brand to brand. In this review, we discuss what you need to know about the kratom capsules — including their incredible benefits, as well as some hard-to-swallow truths.


    Kratom 101: What is Kratom?

    Kratom refers to the plant Mitragyna speciosa, a tropical species native to Southeast Asia that belongs to the same family as coffee. Known for its mild opiate-like effects, Kratom is known for both its recreational and medicinal properties.

    Kratom is traditionally used as an analgesic for chronic pain, but records also show that it's been used recreationally for its psychoactive properties. In places where they're grown, leaves (fresh or dried) are either eaten or made into kratom tea.

    Since ancient times, people have been consuming Kratom for various reasons. But recently, the plant has been gaining popularity for its potential in curbing opioid addiction. It's also been reported to treat other conditions su

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  6. Everything You Need to Know About Kratom Tea


    Kratom is a potent opiate drug that can treat many conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, opioid use disorder, and PTSD. The most famous tea of the tropics, jasmine tea, is from the genus Jasminum, which includes species such as J. officinale and J. sambac (in China), J. auriculatum, and J. Kratom goes by a variety of other names, including ketum, biak-biak, and Maeng Da.

    Health benefits of Kratom tea?

    A study published in a peer-reviewed journal in 2012 concluded that Kratom does carry some health benefits. However, because there are few studies on the subject, we cannot say with any certainty whether these benefits outweigh the risks.

    One recent survey found that people using Kratom for pain relief did experience an overall decrease in their pain levels. Other than that, however, research on the use of Kratom for treating different health conditions is still lacking, and some research suggests that it may even have some potentially harmful effects.

    If you have to, you have to. However, surveys are not perfect. A great alternative is to make a simple questionnaire and then send it to a broad group of friends or acquaintances. Nothing will make the results more accurate than having every study completed by a peer reviewer who is not affiliated with the researcher or company who funded the study. Because Kratom leaves contain Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, these chemicals have the same effects as other opiates such as morphine and heroin.

    The use of Kratom is gaining popularity in the United States because of its opioid-like effects and its perceived ability to improve mood and energy. Animal studies have

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  7. Top Kratom Strains

    Top Kratom Strains

    You may not have heard of Kratom before which is why you know so little about it, on the other hand, you might have heard of it but be unfamiliar with its many strains. This is also understandable since there are so many strains that offer different properties and results. So we've done you a favor, we've broken down the top strains of kratom and given you a window into their properties and how they can enhance and improve your life. Read on for more information about the top Kratom strains. 

    Bali Kratom

    Bali Kratom is a very popular strain of Kratom on the market today, it is also very common and was considered the primary strain of Kratom for many years. As markets open up and more strains become available, Bali Kratom has dropped off the top, but it's still a popular choice. 

    Bali Kratom is typically darker than other strains of the extract, owing to its darker leaves. The Bali Kratom trees grow faster than other strains affecting the colors of the tree and the properties of the extract. Bali kratom is excellent for energy-boosting, mood-boosting, and relaxation. 

    Maeng Da Kratom

    Maeng Da Kratom comes from Thailand and Indonesia, it is a highly potent strain that is similar to Red Kratom. Most people don't realize that Maeng Da Kratom is genetically modified, it has darker leaves than unmodified Kratom trees and contains higher levels of alkaloid. So how does this translate in the product? 

    Maeng Da Kratom can be bought online or in health food stores in capsules and powders for tea, it provides more energy, improves mood, creates more focus and clarity, and

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  8. Is Kratom Legal in Every State?

    Is Kratom Legal in Every State?

    These days more and more products are becoming available in the US marketplace claiming to have excellent health benefits, this is partly due to a relaxation in the law surrounding controlled substances that have opened the door to health-based products like CBD and Delta-8 THC. Kratom is another such product. 

    In the article below we take a look at what Kratom really is and the legalities surrounding the products. You will find out about the origin of Kratom, where it is legal in the US and how you can use it to relieve symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, and fatigue. 

    What is Kratom? 

    Kratom is a substance made from leaves. They come from the Kratom tree that is native to Southeast Asia. Traditionally. Local people chewed the leaves of the Kratom tree to produce psychoactive effects, these days it is turned into a powder. 

    Kratom has been used since the 19th century as a pain reliever and a mood booster. These days it is easy to source on the internet even though it currently sits in a legal grey area. Kratom is legal in most places but more testing is needed

    Kratom can be bought online or in health food stores in legal states. Usually, it is bought as a matcha-like powder in the form of capsules. You can ingest the capsules or make tea with the powder. Kratom is not legal in every state and some states have bills to protect its quality.  

    The Legal Status of Kratom 

    Kratom is not currently a “controlled substance” in the US. A controlled substance is a legal or prescription drug in the US

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  9. How to Consume Kratom

    How to Consume Kratom

    If you are interested in taking Kratom, you may be wondering how to consume kratom. Whether it is your first time consuming the plant or not, there are a few different methods of consuming Kratom. In this article, you’ll learn a few of our favourite ways to consume it, plus some extra methods as well.

    When consuming Kratom, the number one thing that we are concerned about is getting an adequate amount of alkaloids in our dosage. Alkaloids are the natural, psychoactive compounds that are found in kratom leaves. These compounds are what gives users the feelings and effects from taking kratom.

    The following are some of our favourite ways to consume kratom products.

    Kratom Powder

    Kratom powder is the most popular and widely available form of kratom on the market. This is kratom in its most simple form. You can purchase kratom in large quantities in powder format, making it great bang for your buck value.

    The downside to kratom powder is that it is very bitter. Many people find that taking kratom powder on its own is a bit challenging to stomach. There are a few ways that you can mask the bitterness of kratom.

    Mixing kratom with coffee is our personal favorite way to consume kratom powder. The reason why this is so effective is because coffee has a very dark and overpowering taste.

    Kratom powder can also be mixed with things like lemonade and other sweeter drinks to really mask the bitterness. We also have had success mixing

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  10. Where Can You Buy Kratom in the United States?


    Are you wondering where you can buy kratom in the United States? In this guide, we go over some useful information about kratom itself, and everything you need to know about picking some up for yourself.

    Where Can You Buy Kratom in the United States?

    So, you’re looking to try some Kratom yourself? Whenever you are going to purchase Kratom or any naturally occurring product, it’s crucial to ensure that you get the highest quality source available.

    At Apotheca, we sell the highest quality Kratom for sale in the United States. On our online eCommerce website, you’ll see that we offer three primary Kratom product categories: Kratom Capsules, Kratom Powder, and Kratom Concentrates. All three of these categories feature the highest quality Kratom products in the country.

    The Apotheca online store allows customers to purchase Kratom products using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, and more.

    The ordering process is simple. View the different products that you wish to order, add them to your cart, and proceed to checkout. Apotheca ships across the United States, from coast to coast, except for the following states: Alabama, Wisconsin, Vermont, Indiana, and Arkansas.

    Types of Kratom Products Available at Apotheca

    Alternative Health Kratom

    Farm to Bottle

    Alternative health has partnered with select farms within the USA. We inspect every

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