What Are CBN Beneficial Properties

Researchers have found considerable amounts of CBN in an ancient Chinese tomb containing the oldest cannabis sample in the world, dating to 2500 years ago. It was the first cannabinoid ever extracted and has been the subject of study for decades. 

While THC and CBD are the most widely used compounds in the diverse world of cannabis, cannabinol (CBN) is another cannabinoid best known for its ability to promote maximum wellness. CBN is produced by exposing THC to light, and it's very similar to CBD in its chemical composition and therapeutic profile.

CBN has been shown to have potent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties. CBN also promotes sleep, potentially improving many people's lives suffering from sleep disorders.

What Is CBN

If you're a cannabis enthusiast, you've probably heard a lot about two popular cannabinoids: CBD and THC. You may have also heard that CBD is commonly used to treat anxiety, sleep disorders, and a variety of ailments.

However, these two aren't the only cannabinoids created by the delicate, flowering plant Cannabis sativa. Cannabinol or CBN is another notable cannabinoid produced by the cannabis (hemp) plant. CBN was the first naturally-occurred cannabis compound, isolated in its pure form in 1896.

Although CBD (cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabinol), which are found only in the hemp plant, may sound similar, they're very different. CBD and CBN are two of more than 150 cannabinoids identified thus far in the cannabis plant, each with its chemical composition and effects. 

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