1. What is THC and How It Affects You

    What is THC and How It Affects You

    Marijuana smokers are all familiar with the cerebral buzz that comes from inhaling from a well-packed bowl, which can be attributed to the THC content of cannabis. But not all smokers know what THC actually is - they are just familiar with its effects. So what is THC? This is something you should know

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  2. What Are The Hybrid Strains

    What Are The Hybrid Strains

    Hybrid cannabis strains mix the two other main strains, Indica and Sativa. Hybrids contain the traits of two or more cultivars, which result in the creation of one super-charged strain. A hybrid's combined characteristics will depend on its parent strains' genetic lineage. 

    Unlike what many

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  3. Understanding the Benefits of Medical Marijuana

    Understanding the Benefits of Medical Marijuana

    As a product, medical marijuana is the same as recreational weed- the difference lies in how they are used. Although it should be emphasized that taking cannabis is not some magic panacea that can cure diseases, there are certainly enough studies to support the measurable benefits of medical weed.

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  4. Best Way to Store Cannabis and Hemp Flower?

    best-way-to-store-cannabis-and hemp-flower

    Whether you're buying cannabis and hemp flowers from local dispensaries or online shops or probably growing it in your backyard, you need to know how to store the product appropriately. This would keep the flower fresh for a long time and give you a desirable experience. But ironically, only some weed

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  5. Best Cannabis Strain for Migraines


    Headaches are pretty common among all people. However, having migraine headaches is one of a person's worst experiences. The throbbing pain in the head, combined with nausea and vomiting, can destroy your day and make you unproductive. A migraine headache can last from 4 to 72 hours and occurs several

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  6. Blue Dream Strain Review: Is It Indica or Sativa?


    Blue Dream marijuana is a sweet, fruity strain that tastes and smells like fresh blueberries. Blue Dream marijuana is also an excellent strain to treat conditions like severe anxiety, chronic pain after an injury or illness, mild to moderate depression, and sleep disorders. 


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