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  1. What Nutrients Are in Mushrooms?

    Nutrients in Mushrooms

    People consume magic mushrooms for a variety of reasons. Some use shrooms to connect with their higher selves while others microdose magic mushrooms to reap benefits like creativity, productivity, and focus.


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  2. Where to Buy Magic Mushrooms?

    where to buy magic mushrooms

    Magic mushrooms have experienced a resurgence in popularity, due in large part, to the benefits they offer. Surprisingly, the new users singing praises about the wonders of magic mushroom use are not who you would expect. More and more people are drawn to psilocybin mushrooms - from busy moms to entrepreneurs

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  3. How Many Calories in Magic Mushrooms?

    calories in magic mushrooms

    One general nutrition advice fitness experts give is that abs are made in the kitchen. Sure, you have to put in hours in the gym to achieve the body that you are after. But exercising is just one part of a larger equation. That is particularly true if you want to lose weight. Simply put, if you want

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  4. how many carbs in mushrooms ?

    How Many Carbs Do Magic Mushrooms Contain?

    If you are trying to lose (and keep off) excess weight, one of the most important things that you need to learn and master is creating a calorie deficit. Essentially, that means that you need to burn off more calories than you eat.

    One important component

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  5. How Long Do Mushrooms Stay in Your System?


    Whether you microdose or consume heroic doses of magic mushrooms, one important question that is probably swirling in your mind is whether drug screenings can detect shrooms. To better answer that question, it is a good idea to have some information regarding the length of time psilocybin mushrooms stay

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  6. What Are Magic Mushrooms?

    magic mushrooms

    Gold caps, Mushies, Shrooms, Liberty Caps, Cubes, Blue Meanies. These are but a few of the nicknames that people use when referring to a group of fungi called magic mushrooms.

    The term magic mushroom can refer to any of the psilocybin mushrooms that contain a few hallucinogenic substances, including

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