What’s Hidden in Hemp Seeds?

Many, many blogs ago, we told you “The History of Hemp” (it’s okay if you don’t remember). In it, we discussed the origins of cannabis and how ancient Chinese medicine used hemp extensively. Hemp was not only used in medicines but also found its application in other fields.

But since then, hemp’s medicinal values have been coherently recognized by world medical experts. While marijuana got “decent” media coverage because of its high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content, hemp remained in the backstage. Hemp has more use in industrial application like textiles, building materials and more. But as tides change, hemp seeds are gaining popularity for their medical values, and general people are becoming aware of its existence.

Today we share a bit more about what’s hidden in hemp seeds?

Hemp Seeds: New-Age Study

The primary reason why hippies stayed away from hemp, even though hemp and marijuana are both cannabis, is because of its low THC content. It practically gives you no high!


But the stigma remained until new-age studies and research brought to light the nutritional value of hemp seeds. Today, there exists no other plant that has the same nutrition content.

Hemp Seeds and its Nutritional Advantages

Hemp seeds offer these nutritional advantages:


Three teaspoons of hemp seeds contain 9.47g of protein. They have all the vital amino acids which our body can’t produce on its own. Hemp seeds play a crucial role in vegan diets since few plant-based foods are a complete source of protein.

Natural Fiber:

There are tons of benefits of natural fiber. And hemp seed is a good source with three teaspoons containing 1.2g.

Fiber helps in:

  • Weight management
  • Stabilizing blood sugar levels
  • Maintains healthy gut
  • Reduces appetite

Vitamins and Minerals:

Hemp seeds have a right amount of

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